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It is not a miracle anymore that personalized online content will be perceived higher than generic messages. Addressing your online content to the different age group of your audience is for sure essential to accomplish your marketing goals. But who likes what, which is the preferred channel? Find all your answers to age group marketing in today’s infographic. 

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Dieter Hovorka

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A marketing mission and a website presence go hand in had to have a distinct idea who you are addressing it to. Understanding your audience for your products and services is key to accomplish this mission. Consumers are segmented in age-groups and each of them prefers another method how to be reached or targeted with online content.

You might ask yourself, what exactly are they looking for and how does is the difference between each of the age group?

In the infographic from custom writing service provider Handmadewritings the question gets answered, what online content different age groups prefer.

The graphic is based on several research reports and studies and looks into the U.S. adult user group. Nevertheless, I strongly believe it goes across the globe when we talk about age group marketing. The infographic looks into six major consumer generations in the US.

The infographic looks for example into the question, which news are prefered by which age group. Across all generations, traffic and weather news is the most preferred type of news. We observe that the older generation 60+ is more interested in politics and crime. The younger the audience get the more topics go into environmental and social issues.

93% of consumers between 30-39 are interested in weather forecast and traffic news as oneline content.

No surprise is the fact of the content consumption habits. The baby boomers generation, born between 1956 – 1964, are happy consuming their content on digital and online on their desktop or laptop. While the very young ‘Generation Z’ prefer consuming everything in a video format.

Have a look at the insides and see if you can benefit from the generation marketing aspects of your online content. Read the full infographic about all details around the most active time of the day and which are the preferred channels of each of the six generation groups. Share your thoughts by using our commenting below.

How Do Different Age Groups Consume Online Content?

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