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Direct Mail is dead, long live Direct Mail. Can you believe it that some things in life can last longer than everyone believes? One of the world wonders why could not believe into anymore is Direct Mail. Read below stunning facts how this old method of communication is still alive.

“I know what you did in your last Marketing campaign, do you?”

Jalena Pineda

Business Development Manager, Skillz Middle East

“Contrary to popular belief, advertisers will be using direct mail marketing even more in the future,” says an infographic released by the Experian Data Quality group. So how exactly is direct mail winning the age of the internet?

If you’re wondering how that can be possible, consider these stats noted in the infographic:

• Some 70% of Americans say physical mail is “more personal” than email.

• Neiman Marcus says it makes four dollars for every one dollar it spends on creating and mailing catalogs.

• The USPS found that customers who receive ad mail spend 28% more than those who don’t.

What is it that some marketers see in the direct email scheme valuable that for some reason it is still their choice of strategy to step up their game plans?

So, If you’re thinking of exploring direct mail, or if you just want to see some of the benefits and challenges of the practice, check out the infographic.

How Direct Mail Is Winning in the Age of the Internet [Infographic]

How many advertisements have you even deleted and put as spam emails? Think again, Email Ads passes through a perilous path before it reaches your inbox. With in-depth social media marketing campaigns nowadays that can tightly narrow in on a target audience and give us data like never before, more often than not it seems like the world of paper should be ancient history. Is it? Well, look no further than the mailboxes of the majority of Americans. Apparently, there are some marketers somewhere that still see incredible value in direct email strategy. What is it that they’re seeing, and what are we missing?

Perhaps it’s the fact that direct mail marketing techniques are still so effective, for a number of reasons. Recipients spend more time with your brand and find mailings to be more personal than other forms of communication.

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