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Dubbed as the “City of the Future”, and in addition to the flying drone taxi, the robotics implementations with the local Police, and the newly appointed Artificial Intelligence Minister Omar Bin Sultan, Smart Dubai Is in the process of Integrating Blockchain to have Dubai Powered by Blockchain.

Data is today’s most expensive and most diverse comodity.
With new technologies being created everyday to either collect, process or distribute this Data.

Ralph Rahal

Digital Marketing Solutions Consultant, Skillz Middle East

Smart Dubai is in the cognitive process of conducting workshops to successfully identify specific services within the local government or private organizations that can be enhanced by Blockchain technology. The Blockchain Technology aims popularity worldwide and the European headquarters seems to be positively established in Switzerland where industry experts name it already as the Crypto Valley of Europe.

With the Introduction of BlockChain technology in the real-estate sector will most definitely affect likely thousands of global investors keeping in mind that Dubai is ranked amongst the leading cities globally in technological advancement and economic competitiveness.

With the unique approach of the long-awaited 2020 Expo, the adoption of blockchain is, only the first step in a considerably more ambitious plan to invest into innovative technologies and the future of Dubai as the R/D technology center. In October, the emirate launched its own Blockchain-based Cryptocurrency, called “emCash“. This official currency can be used by people to pay for either local government or non-government services.

“It will tremendously improve ease of global business and quality of life in Dubai”, a press statement by Dubai Economy deputy director General.

Image Credit: Pixabay

DIFC Courts and Smart Dubai launch joint taskforce for world’s first Court of the Blockchain. DIFC, in partnership with Smart Dubai, are operating hand in hand to produce the world‘s first court of the blockchain.

The partnership marks the first step in developing a blockchain-powered future for the judiciary which will gain far-reaching benefits, including streamlining the judicial process, removing document duplications, and driving greater efficiencies across the entire legal ecosystem. 

Dubai government also partnered with startup ObjectTech to deliver blockchain-based security at Dubai International airport. The Blockchain based digital passports are introduced with the aim to eliminate the need for physical checking and to make it easier for visitors to directly zip through the airport to enter the country.

According to the ObjectTech , the system combines biometric verification and blockchain technology, with a “pre-approved and entirely digitized passport” as a means of authorisation. In addition, the system will also verify individuals through a three-dimensional scan via a short tunnel as they walk in.

In conclusionI am a big fan of the disruptive Blockchain technology and the user benefits that come with it. I am moreover a big fan of digital currency, with the rise of all these new technological advancementsI think that the paper money should and most likely would be replaced and turned Digital.

What about you, what do you think of all this? Dubai Powered by Blockchain sounds like a global trend does it not? Express your thoughts below in the comment section.

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