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eCommerce has witnessed a noticeable growth in the year 2016 and more growth as expected in the year 2017, things must be improved when it comes to the better recognition and better branding. Let us look at the infographic illustrating the E-commerce Trends 2017.

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With the eCommerce industry expected to grow more rapidly in the year 2017, every eCommerce store should be ready to grab all tips for the betterment of the website and to motivate visitors towards the website.

Looking into the market overview shows us that the share of purchase made online is steadily increasing. In 2016 51% of all Americans said they prefer to shop online rather than in stores. The number is increasing, 70% of adults in the US shop online at least once in a month. In 2016, total retail e-commerce sales across the globe reach $22.049 trillion. Sales will top $27 trillion in 2020, even as annual growth show over the next few years.

Today’s consumer own several devices as smartphones, tablet, computer and expects an online shopping experience that’s quick, easy and above all user-friendly.

In the infographic today you can oversee all the e-Commerce trends 2017.

Let’s take a look at the industry E-commerce Trends 2017.

  1. The End of Black Friday or Cyber Monday
  2. More personalized and dynamic shopping experience
  3. The consumer will interact with artificial intelligence
  4. Accurately predicting the consumer’s next purchase
  5. Make the mobile experience as good as possible
  6. Increasing same day delivery
  7. Selling social
  8. Required HTTPS in the year 2017
  9. Selling omnichannel
  10. Product remarketing

Did you follow this trends and did you get them already in your online store applied?

Check out this infographic by SSL2BUY about E-commerce Trends 2017 and all such industries should avail the benefits of better branding. Let’s us know your thoughts and share your experience below in our commenting section.

10 E-commerce Trends 2017 to Consider

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