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Organizations are still challenged when it comes to their digital transformation. While the trend is to make everything mobile friendly and delivered on new digital channels there are still newspapers, magazines, newsletters, catalogs which are paper-based. e-Publishing Strategy is essential when you want to succeed in your digital transformation and utilize efficient e-Publishing.

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Dieter Hovorka

CTO, Co-founder, Skillz Middle East

Digital publishing isn’t about the platform choice (Android, iOS, cross-platform, PDF), it’s about the right strategy bringing you higher profit in less time and with fewer expenses.

E-Publishing strategy is based on user engagement through mobile app features. Its result – profit by app monetization: ads, subscriptions.

Why People Choose Digital Media?

Statistics show that there are different reasons why people choose digital media. 78% of decision-makers want to utilize special multimedia features offered through e-Publishing. While 70% prefer the way it enables easy access to content. 53% see the benefits of portability. The most engaging element which is interactivity is only recognized by 40% of people.

Mobile version doesn’t replace print publications: for users, it’s a new info channel, for the publisher – a new profit channel.

How to define your e-Publishing Strategy?

Understanding your audience is key to success.

  • Don’t make them pay, make them want to pay.
  • Digital publication based on interactivity is what users want.
  • The mobile app provides the best interactive UX
  • E-publishing strategy based on user engagement is a key to profit.

Define your strategy by looking into market analysis, select your target audience and make a platform choice. Focus on user engagement by aspects of responsive design, multimedia UX, interactivity, and virtualization. Incorporate in your strategy the way how you want to receive feedback like feedback forms or social media. Don’t forget to look into Big Data by analyzing content usage. Define your monetization path with ad provider integration and subscriptions.

If you follow this guideline you will be rewarded with PROFIT.

Read the complete infographic below which was put together by the team of Nasty Creatures. Share your thoughts in our commenting section below.

E-publishing Strategy

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