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The internet has broadened the visibility of many businesses. Gone are the days when customers would have to pay a visit to a physical store or ask a clerk for expert information about a product. Now, a great deal of information can be found online, from product reviews to how-to videos which truly enable you for efficient Social Media Customer Support.

That’s not all the internet succeeded in doing. Because consumers see the ease and value of doing everything online, their expectations in a brand have skyrocketed. They crave near real-time answers to concerns and a more personalized shopping or user experience. Stats show that 76% of buyers expect businesses to comprehend their needs; 50% would switch brands if they feel that there is a disconnect.

To be able to satisfy the needs of your consumers, you must cover all of your bases, as 75% of consumers want a consistent brand experience across all channels. If you have a great website, this should reflect in your customer service portals, social media marketing efforts, and so on.

Social media is one of the most powerful channels your business can tap to succeed—not just for marketing, but to strengthen your overall customer support. It’s a great way to connect with your loyal customers and showcase your empathy and expertise when solving the problems of your users.

Having solid social media customer support is crucial for businesses nowadays.

67% of consumers use social media to reach out to brands for service requests. That covers a massive percentage of your total customer base.

After enduring long waiting lines in phone calls and slow response times from businesses in the past, people now want a fast and simple way to communicate their concerns.

If you’re not sold on it yet, here are three more reasons why you should invest in your social media customer support efforts:

Increased customer satisfaction – Many people value the convenience of connecting with their favorite brands through social media. Plus, happy customers who encounter positive experiences with businesses are more likely to share a good review or recommendation about them vs those who get negative ones.

Solidify your brand reputation – There’s no better place to promote brand awareness and recognition than online. Getting active on social media for promotions and your dedicated customer support lines puts you at an advantage against competitors who don’t practice it.

Higher revenue growth – Studies show that brands who excel in social media customer support have a higher annual financial gain than those who have zero to mediocre presence. This emphasizes the need not just to have social support but always to provide consistent and stellar service to your users.

In a world that’s getting increasingly social by the minute, growing your business in 2018 seems impossible without having social media in your customer support arsenal. Thankfully, getting started on social support is easy with the right tools and expert preparations.

Are you ready to start applying this to your business? Learn how to plan, build, and execute an impressive social media customer support plan by checking out the infographic below. Win big with efficient Social Media Customer Support.

A Starter’s Guide to Providing an Efficient Social Media Customer Support

James Patterson oversees business development and sales and marketing initiatives throughout the EMEA and APAC regions for transcosmos IT and Customer Support Services, managing a team of sales professionals and consultants in these territories. James fully understands and supports the requirements and challenges of complex IT Support and Customer Service environments, having guided an array of large organizations through the consultative process of developing complex solutions to fit the customer’s needs.

James Patterson

Guest Writer

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