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Designing emails which convert are the dreams of every marketer. Is this actual hard to do? Well, follow the simple email design checklist and you will be surprised by the results of your email campaign. This is a wonderful infographic which is a must of every marketer to be bookmarked. 

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Dieter Hovorka

CTO, Co-founder, Skillz Middle East

Email is still the No.1 marketing channel in our omnichannel marketing strategy. But the bar is lifted and marketers are wondering, what goes into making a really good email?

The team at Campaign Monitor paired up with Really Good Emails and produced an infographic that answers the question.

This infographic is a handy tool for a checklist which includes tips on how to write subject lines and lead text (preheader), craft a good footer, and incorporate dynamic content and personalization. Of course, we should not let the fact out that a good email marketing tool keeps us fit with having a clean mailing list in place.

The questions come from the bottom of the heart of any marketers. Can we improve our email opening rate and click rate? Yes we can. 

More we can find in the infographic the technical aspects to keep in mind, such as how to use proper layout and hierarchy, which fonts are most Web-friendly, and how to incorporate video and GIFs.

Don’t forget that also this digital marketing channel is mobile first. 80% of smartphone users read their email on a phone.

Also don’t forget the spam rating of email programs which increases by the number of clickable elements in an email. You want to avoid this pitfall, make sure you make proper use of your clickable elements to succeed in conversion.

The Email Design Checklist highlights also look into user experience which is the key to any digital channel of today. Bookmark the page to keep it close to your daily campaign and make use out of it. Anything you want to share with us? Just comment below and keep in dialogue.

The Really Good Email Design Checklist

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