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podcast | Skillz Middle East
Your Giant Email Marketing Statistics Guide [Infographic]

Email in 2019, still the best converting digital marketing channel which you should not miss in your marketing strategy. Email – the rock-solid, time-and-customer-tested, Marketing-approved way to attract your customers coming back for more, read today more about Email Marketing Statistics.

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Dieter Hovorka

CTO, Co-founder, Skillz Middle East

Do we need more proof about numbers or facts to use email marketing? Well, it can not harm to raise the bar of awareness.

This epic Infographic from email and spam-filtering software and services firm EveryCloud is a compendium of email-related statistics from 40+ sources.

“Email Marketing is the single most effective tactic for turning your prospects into loyal customers.” – headlines the Infographic. “In fact, 55% of companies generate more than 10% of sales from just sending emails.”

A good benchmark is always to look at the US market. On a daily base, US consumers interact with about 11 brands through email, compared to 9 brands via Facebook and 8 brands via Twitter.

Do we believe this is across all age groups? Well maybe not, but who are the strongest buyers of your product? Make your own thought on this, the baby boomer generation is still more used to use emails vs any social channel.

Worldwide we so a massive email data consumption happening, 205.5 billion emails are sent on a daily base. But with success comes also the downside, over 13% (12 B) of all send emails are spam emails versus 88 B emails are for business use received on a daily base.

What would an Email Marketing Statistics report be without the gender question. While on average more man is reading emails on their phone, the woman is more using a tablet. Both genders agree that humor in emails is key for success, even if men like more formal emails compared to a woman. Also woman (74%) do accept gender-neutral marketing messages.

Email Marketing performance is easily measurable and I can only highlight this again. This marketing channel can prove its success and you need to validate your campaign message and performance.

Email Marketing Automation is the key word here for businesses, 55% of all top performing companies use marketing automation software to aid their marketing efforts. Over 60% of marketers use mass email to connect with their customers.

Now let’s make our CEO and Sales happy, see how Email Marketing Statistics contribute to revenues.

  • Marketers can see a 50% increase in email revenues for trigger-based programs
  • Up to 15% margin dollar increase by identifying serial comparison shopping customers and re-engaging them
  • 14% increase in category sales based on audience optimization strategies
  • 30% increase in gross return on ad spend for Facebook advertising

In the Infographic below you can see more stats on revenues driven by email types, which action users take after they received an email, how to improve your CTR, the conversation rate on email per device, email marketing ROI, email open rate per industry type and many more.

Your Giant Email Marketing Statistics Guide [Infographic]

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