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Close to 50% of the brands that develop live experiential marketing campaigns state their primary focus is to drive more sales. But tracking those sales can be an immense challenge and not surprising for the ROI of an experiential marketing campaign to be untransparent.

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Dieter Hovorka

CTO, Co-founder, Skillz Middle East

An infographic created by live-marketing platform Limelight looks into the results of experimental marketing campaigns. They created an 8 Step guide on how to tie back your sales figures back to your experiential marketing campaigns.

The outcome is showing us all that we should look into this closer. 20% of companies that out data at the center of their marketing and sales decisions experience an average of 15-20% more ROI on events.

In the past, we looked into impressions, engagements, and dwell time, correct? Oh, sorry, you are still doing this? No worries you are not alone. Nevertheless, time brought us new technology which makes it possible for more accurate ways to attribute sales to individual actions and events.

Even experimental marketing holds marketers now accountable to proof ROI based on correct data.

Take your time and plan right and use real tools, and your experiential marketing campaigns can be trackable, promises the infographic.

Do the right things first, determine your objectives and KPI’s before you then move into technology. Just out of curiosity, do you have a CRM in use? Do you have lead data capture solution?

It is no secret and we pray it over many years. Walk away from island solutions and try to tighten integration between all your data silos. The more you can integrate, the better you’ll be able to track. If you experience integration challenges, still make sure to tag any leads by the source to isolate which events your sales are coming from.

Walk through all eight steps to better track your experiential marketing campaigns, based on the infographic below. It was made originated from both, Limelight’s internal data from thousands of activations for Fortune 500 companies across industries and event types and on research from Salesforce, Mosaic, and HubSpot.

8 Steps For Your Experiential Marketing Campaigns

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