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Storytelling with an explainer video is the highest marketing discipline of today. A good Voiceover Artist is essential to the success of your Video. But how to get hold of the jewel of the crown?

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Dieter Hovorka

CTO, Co-founder, Skillz Middle East

Who does not know the saying, pictures say more than 100 words? Today we can even say that moving pictures in form of video is more than just a marketing trend, it’s a proven way to achieve marketing goals from awareness to sales. Explainer Videos are the spearhead of a solid marketing strategy. Of course, it comes along that the storytelling needs to be done through a most vibrant Voiceover Artist to get your audience in emotion.

Creating videos takes more time, creativity and efforts than creating more static types of content, and the production involves new team members (internal or external) you don’t normally work with. Looking into today’s infographic by video production agency Digital Brew explains, one of those members may be a voiceover artist. I would guess that’s probably not someone you have on your marketing team already.

The Voiceover Artist will present your brand, so you better have the choice which makes you feel comfortable in listing to her/him.

It is key when it’s time to find your ideal team member to voice your explainer video or possibly other types of video, you want to find the one who can convey the voice of your brand, literally and figuratively.

According to research by Digital Brew, the ideal voice for most video projects is the “Approachable Expert,” a friendly, yet authoritative, figure.

Check out the infographic to better understand who might fit as the Approachable Expert archetype and ways to identify the right voiceover artist.

Explainer Videos: What to Look for in a Voiceover Artist [Infographic]

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