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Facebook is the most used advertisement platform between all social media platforms. It is clear that the audience is much higher than seen on other platforms. Time to refresh our possibilities of Facebook Ad Placements with this guide illustrated with an infographic.

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Similar to Google marketers need to catch up with changes to Facebook’s algorithm which favors focussing more importance on friends’ updates than those of business pages. So “boosting” your posts (by spending money to do so) is nearly a necessity to get’s mandatory to reach your audience even under your friends and followers.

But there’s more to expect from Facebook advertising than increased reach and engagement. Facebooks offering gets more and more capabilities by listening to marketers. There are now various targeting and display capabilities, and it can also help you encourage app installs, video views, and site traffic for your e-commerce shop or website.

Marketers spent $39.942 million in 2017 on Facebook advertisement 

Most advertisers know their target audiences on Facebook, but many are still struggling with which type of ad placement will give them the best results when targeting those audiences. That’s where today’s infographic from Spiralytics can assist by showcasing the updated guide to Facebook Ad Placements.

Knowing your audience means that you look into your markets and evaluate the demographics of age and gender. Millenials are the strongest online buyers of our time.

The graphic brings us an updated guide to Facebook’s advertising placements and shows you which placements will assist you with your specific advertising goals and objectives. Also, you can read what type of creatives and formats those placements support. Since Facebook owns Instagram we can also see how it works on Instagram.

The guide offers insight into how to best use the tools Facebook ads, Instagram ads, Audience Network, Instant Articles, and Messenger to achieve your defined targets. So, to make sure your Facebook ads are placed effectively, check out the infographic “Updated Guide to Facebook Ad Placements”

The Updated Guide to Facebook Ad Placements [Infographic]

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