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The Facebook Crackdown was long time awaited after many years of court cases in Europe and North America of email addresses misuse. This follows Mark Zuckerberg’s determination to limit data access after breaking his silence and spoke in relation to the Cambridge Analytical Scandal.

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Ralph Rahal

Digital Marketing Solutions Consultant, Skillz Middle East

This follows Facebook’s determination to limit Data Access after breaking his silence and spoke in relation to the Cambridge Analytical Scandal.

Word is just out that the Social Media giant is working on launching a certification tool. It will require it‘s advertisers to pledge that the email addresses used are approved by their respective owner. Furthermore, advertisers need to prove that they were rightfully attained before they are qualified to use these emails in ads targeting. This tool will also be put in place for any Custom Audience Data imported into Facebook to be used in ad targeting.

Facebook spokesperson Elisabeth Diana told TechCrunch “I can confirm there is a permissions tool that we’re building.” It will require that advertisers and the agencies representing them pledge that “I certify that I have permission to use this data”, she said.

The question to be asked now is how will this certification tool be implemented and how it would affect advertisers across the platform?  Facebook did not elaborate on the implementation of this new tool and how it will effect ad placement experience for advertisers. We also don’t know if there will be some kind of authentication system or it would work solely on the advertiser’s promise.

Facebook Crackdown on unwanted ad targeting by Email

Facebook has been stressing much on its advertisement policy. Mark Zuckerberg already mentioned in a previous interview that he and his team are encountering massive challenges that neither of them ever saw coming. They are working around the clock on changes for improvement.

When it comes to ad placements and targeting, in my opinion, Facebook should be stressing more about fake accounts and click bots. These accounts are roaming the platform and costing advertisers tons of money on clicks and views with no ROI (return on investment).

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Source TechCrunch

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