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Now that Google offers fast expanded text ads, some marketers are still writing ads with the old, standard format in mind. But knowing how to put the expanded format to good use can benefit marketers and their brands’ ROI significantly.

“I know what you did in your last Marketing campaign, do you?”

Jalena Pineda

Business Development Manager, Skillz Middle East

The new quick extended text ads format was discharged on the 26th of July 2016 as a component of Google’s most recent release of updates. Quick extended text ads have given another chance to publicists to enhance their hunt showcasing execution. They supplanted the old advert format toward the finish of January this year. Google likewise advanced the date a while to give advertisers extra time to make the transition. This article will cover 7 of the best strategies for composing high performing text ads and ruling your opposition.

Clicteq has put together an infographic with 7 tips for how to optimize your fast expanded text ads:

1. Make your ads relevant

2. Call to action needs to attract and be aggressive

3. Localize by the city or location

4. Use countdown timers, but be sensitive not overdoing them

5. Dynamic keyword insertion is prohibited

6. Utilize emotional triggers

7. Use title case

In any case, what is extended text ads and how would they contrast from the old text ads design that Google has offered throughout the previous 15 years?

To figure out how to set up your extended ads for progress, look at the infographic underneath: “7 Better-Performing Fast Expanded Text Ads”

More essential, in any case, as you make new quick expanded text ads and add more detail to what you are offering inside the body of your promotions, you’ll more probably make a considerable lot of your old ads repetitively. Google won’t serve your ad extensions if they only repeat the text already incorporated into your advertisements, so ensure as you refresh your ads you revive your ad extensions with new, unique content to promote alongside your new, bigger ads.

Enough words ahead, enjoy the “7 Tips for Writing The Highest Performing Fast Expanded Text Ads [Infographic]”

Better-Performing Fast Expanded Text Ads [Infographic]

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