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If you’re a business owner, you probably wear a lot of hats and though you’re an expert in what you’re selling, knowing how to set up your local business website to actually sell your products or services can pose some challenges.

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Dieter Hovorka

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Australian website design and development company WebAlive created a diagram explaining which website elements are must-haves for your local business websites.

What works for a big e-commerce site may not be what your local website needs. WebAlive analyzed well-converting local business websites and then created an illustration based on the results. While having an effectively designed website can boost your sales, an average or poorly designed one will cause you to lose potential customers. As an owner of a local business, you should have some basic idea of what you need to have on your site and what to avoid.

53 Must-have features are too many to mention here but let’s take a look at some of them.

  • Mentioning a phone number is very important for local business websites. We would also recommend adding a live chat functionality. The more communication options a customer has, the better.
  • A logo is a crucial part of online branding. An elegant, clearly designed logo helps to build trust – consider having it placed in the upper left corner of your website where it is highly visible.
  • Your main navigation works as a map of your site. For a local business, the main navigation should contain all the important pages of your website including home, about, services/products, blog and the contact page.
  • For any business site, it is mandatory to have a few call to action buttons, which encourage visitors to act to get in touch or contact you. Some example call to action phrases might be “Request a Free Quote”, “Buy Now” or “Call Now”.

The graphic also has reminders of what not to include on your website, including Flash, background music, and dead-end pages (pages with no links).

For all 53 tips, check out the full infographic below how to make your Local Business Websites perfect.

53 Must-Have Features of Local Business Websites [Infographic]

Now, you have an idea of all the essential features of a local business site. You can easily check if your site follows the above-mentioned recommendations by using a website health checking tool like eRanker.

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