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podcast | Skillz Middle East
15 Ways To Get Ahead During Your Lunch Break [Infographic]

Carpe diem – or at least your lunch break. In the grand scheme of things, an hour doesn’t seem like a significant amount of time. However, even allocating just 30 minutes of your lunch break to a productive activity every day can help you get ahead.

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From career cultivation to self-improvement to money moves, there’s no shortage of endeavors to pursue. Thanks to the Internet, you can do things like work towards certification, browse inspiring podcasts and check your credit score during your midday break. Simply bring your laptop to lunch or eat at your desk!

Not only are you dedicating time and energy to better your life, but you’re showing initiative. This is important for your current and future employers to see. For example, if you and a peer of similar skill are up for the same promotion, you’re more likely to receive it because you’ve displayed your ambition.

Jump to the infographic below for 15 ways to get ahead during your lunch break, or keep reading for more details.

Career Cultivation

If you’re feeling stuck in your current position, it can be hard to make time outside of work to grow your career potential and opportunities. Use your lunch break to first visualize your professional future by creating a vision board. Then build your personal brand by purchasing your website domain and documenting your achievements.

You can even take online courses during your lunch hour to work towards certification. This could increase your earnings by a quarter or more. It’s highly beneficial to find a mentor at work. Studies show that proficiency increased by 84% of those with a formal mentor. Take time during lunch to pick your mentor’s brain.

Self-Improvement Steps

Self-improvement doesn’t have to be limited to the weekend. Listen to inspiring podcasts on your commute and during your lunch break for daily motivation. You can also find time for a quick hour of exercise before work or as a midday break. Physical activity increases endorphins which will boost your mood and productivity.

Understanding your health benefits, learning new skills and practicing mindful eating habits are additional ways to better yourself while at work. Make it a group activity by taking an online class or starting a healthy diet with your coworkers.

Money Moves

Stay up to date on your finances by checking your credit score and recent transactions. This can easily be done on your smartphone during your lunch break. Upping your 401k contributions and setting up automatic transfers are great ways to make the most of your financial situation. Don’t forget to update your passwords every once in a while.

Tone up your multitasking abilities by getting ahead while you’re eating lunch. It can be fun if you involve friends, family, and coworkers. You could even make it a competition to see who can get a certification first. Just 30 minutes a day could make a difference.

The visual below, provided by our friends at Self Lender, breaks down 15 ways to take advantage of your lunch break.

15 ways to get ahead during your Lunch Break

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