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“You never stop learning how to be a great boss,” or do you think a boss is born? We have seen the great leaders and entrepreneurs on the globe, some are most hated by staff while the others seem to achieve it easy to be a loved boss. Being a good boss takes more than being friend.

“You never stop learning how to be a great boss,” according to a flowchart infographic from Headway Capital. But having the responsibility of a boss can also be a great challenge. Also, I would even say that being a good boss does not fit into one single Infographic, or let’s say you can not find out by reading one.

Compared to many others we can see the quote “Employee First” from Sir Richard Branson, Founder of the Virgin empire

The self-made billionaire Sir Richard Branson puts all his success into his employee’s hands. While others once say customer first for the success of the company he straight clear that success comes if you treat your employees well.  But let’s give it a chance and look into the infographic.

For example, an effective leader not only helps manage conflict but also supports team members to grow professionally, which can take a lot of time.

A good manager also takes regular self-assessments and continually tries to improve his or her leadership skills, suggests the infographic.

Follow the flowchart, below, to begin your own self-assessment, possibly the first step on your journey to management excellence. Ask yourself do you have a clear idea of what’s important and where your team needs to be? Find out if you listen more than you talk or you are focused more on challenges that make you maybe feel fed up or excellent. Make your decision that’s more important than getting lots of work done or supporting your team to work well.

Good Boss Responsibility

Being a team leader – boss means also that a lot of responsibility comes along with it. Sometimes we see that a boss believes his responsibility is to his shareholders, to his clients but can easily forget his employee.

What else can be the best to make everyone feel good than recognition and rewarding can be a blessing to get something back. Having set this don’t forget yourself in the role as a boss, assess yourself as a boss, continue to work on your leadership role to get greater. Ask the question to the team and enable them by delegating jobs to them without overloading them. Help them to achieve. Let them trust you and be their best friend.

Reading through the chart below might points out that you are a great boss, or you are on a good way to be a good one. Don’t worry if you end up finding out you need more leadership skills. Just look out for help, Rome was not built overnight, neither is your role of being a boss.

See how you stack up by answering the questions and find out if you are a Good Boss in the infographic.

What Makes a Good Boss
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