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Consumers in the United States now use mobile devices more than desktop computers to search online for information related to family vacations, luxury travel, and couples travel/honeymoons, according to recent research from Google. But is Google search trends a hot topic, specifically Travel-Related?

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Summer Travel Trends: What Search Activity Reveals About Consumers’ Mindsets. Most of the information in the infographic is related to a Google Survey of Summer Travel 2017. The report was based on internal US Google search data from January 2014 through January 2017, as well as data from a survey of US online consumers.

Google searches related to family vacations have undergone the strongest year on year growth among travel-related categories, the analysis found. Some of the fastest-growing search terms related to family travel are “best vacations for kids under 10” and “inexpensive family vacations.” In other words, the all-inclusive travel hits.

Planning for summer vacations is already in full swing. Six in ten people considering a summer trip were already conducting some type of research on February 1st.

46% had not decided on their destination, an opportunity for all travel agencies to find their potential customer.

Recent searches reveal the types of trips travelers are looking to plan – and how they’ll plan them.

The on-demand information allows travelers to be spontaneous

Mobile devices enable increased flexibility for travelers. When it comes to planning vacation activities, 16% of those who are researching summer tips will plan most of their activities on the fly, while they are at their destination. 44% of people planning their summer trips ant1c1pa1e using a mix of devices to plan their vacation.’ 

Travel categories seeing strong growth have gone mobile. People research more on mobile than on the desktop (or family vacations, luxury travel. and couples travel and honeymoons.

Travelers are more willing to take the whole family on the road

Searches for family vacations, luxury travel, and couples travel and honeymoons grew at least 3X faster year-on-year than searches m the adventure travel and ecotourism categories.  Searches related to family vacations have shown the strongest growth year-on-year’

Inexpensive travel options are increasingly top of mind

Breakout Search Trends in the Family Vacations and Travel Category’

  • Best vacations for kids under 1
  • Inexpensive family vacations
  • Baby-friendly vacations
  • Family trip ideas
  • Family vacation ideas with toddlers 

Breakout Search Trends in the Couples Travel and Honeymoons Category

  • Honeymoon cruises for couples
  • Affordable honeymoon destinations in U.S.
  • Places to go for an anniversary weekend
  • Inexpensive romantic getaways in Georgia
  • Inexpensive weekend getaways Texas 

Check out the infographic, “Think with Google”, below for more insights from the research and the statistics. Join the conversation and leave a comment when you booked your summer holiday.

Travel-Related Google Search Trends [Infographic]

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