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Making content go viral is the mission of every digital marketer on this planet. And although there’s no secret behind there to make it happen, there are steps you can take to help twist your content in that direction. Read today’s infographic a Three-Step Road Map to Creating a Viral Post.

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Dieter Hovorka

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So if you ask yourself how, then you found the right infographic of today which illustrates a three-step process to get you from ideation to viral post. Marketing agency Point Visible made this nice work of the infographic which easily explains how to…

Let me summarize it for you in a short sentence

1. Find a topic. How else would you think you can find a topic if you don’t listen to your audience, you can also invite people from outside to write for your blog, and even explore the world in your offline time for inspiration, it is easy to find a topic that will be interesting for your readers. The infographic also names tools to help you keep track of your ideas.

2. Create your content. Writing content shall always invite your audience to take some action, think about it at creation, what action would you like your readers to take? Also, the length of your written blog is essential for success, the graphic says. The average blog post is 1,600 words, but using 2,500 or more words can help with search rank, never the less keeping it short can encourage more comments.

3. Promote your content. Who does not want to promote his content, well the graphics suggest techniques and tools you can use to help you share your content. Of course, we all use social media, sharing on Facebook is nearly bread and butter of our daily life. But there are 100 of content sharing platforms out there where you can share your lovely content.

Making a Viral Post successful takes hard work, but it pays off.

If you check our post here you can see already sharing buttons to StumbleUpon, Reddit or Digg. This is excellent starting points to bring your content out to the world audience to get your viral post noticed.

Having success with a viral post may not be quite as simple as one-two-three, but making a habit of following these steps when creating content can help encourage engagement and shares.

Read all the details below in the infographic and share your experience in a comment below. We all can learn from each other what works and what does not work.

Your Three-Step Road Map to Creating Viral Post

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