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podcast | Skillz Middle East
podcast | Skillz Middle East
The Growing Impact of Social Media on Sports [Infographic]

Social Media does not fit everywhere, does it? We find it difficult to utilize social media marketing in the B2B field. But, 61% of sports fans follow sports online. Sport is a topic which seems to fit perfect and we can see a lot of adoption of Social Media on Sports. If you are into sports industry you should read our infographic of today.

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Dieter Hovorka

CTO, Co-founder, Skillz Middle East

We witnessed over the last 10 years a big change in social media platforms. We can not deny the impact on our daily life and social way of communicating with our peers. The sports industry is in no way an exception, they witnessed big impacts in many aspects.

I have been watching the other day BEIN, the sports channels which you use in Dubai if it is all about Sports. 13 channels cover the most important events of the day. In the pre-game coverage, I could see the moderator with a stack of cards, reading messages from the audience which have been captured over Twitter. Funny enough that this is given to him on paper and not in the form of a tablet to just save the tree. However, this was the TV show has an interaction with the audience. A football coach answered all inquiries from the audience.

93.3% of Global Sports leaders believe social media engagement of fans will grow in the next 5-10 years, a great outlook for Social Media on Sports

Today, sports events and social media go hand in hand. Today every team, league, or sports association has at least one social media profile where we can read the news, they are used to announce all important information and sometimes we can read about private things of our loved gladiators in football shoes.

Special in the Middle East we witness a big fan group for LaLiga, Premier League, and Serie A.  Of course, addicted to all UEFA events and Champions league we don’t miss any event broadcasted in all bars across the country.

Looking into our Facebook, Twitter or Instagram stream we can’t escape getting the news in front of our eyes once a big event is ongoing. Not to forget that the world of hashtags is helping us to find quick the way once we are searching for something. 

Our famous gladiators use social media to establish their name, communicate with their fans, announce their activities, and even promote brands as an ambassador or their sponsor. The power and influence they have on their fans and followers *which reach hundreds of thousands or even millions) is worth a lot of money for sponsors.

The infographic below, created by the Betting Sites team, is illustrating statistics and predictions of the growing impact of social media on sports. Share your comments on the subject and share your favorite social channel you follow in our commenting section below. Let us know how you see the impact of Social Media on Sports.

The Growing Impact of Social Media on Sports [Infographic]

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