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Every day we see new malicious malware spring up, and our virus software captures thousands of new and old attacks on our computers.  We’re constantly trying to shield ourselves from the attacks but hackers continuously find new ways to get to our information.  Adobe has been a target now for about three years, and it’s basically the file types that put us under the most danger.  We’ve all heard that some images can even make a virus upload onto our computer if the image is viewed in the mail browser or even in your favorite Internet browser itself.  Do we really take this threat seriously?  How wide spread are the attacks?  Is there anything we can do to protect ourselves against it?

McAfee, the world’s most used malware protection software, put together a really interesting infographic using Investintech to showcase how hackers continuously and on a large scale attack Adobe and its file types.  We should really consider ourselves lucky that we can blindly trust McAfee and other malware software companies with our data since they are doing everything they can to protect us.

However, sometimes not even they can protect us.  It’s usually when a new malware springs up that we are the most vulnerable.  It’s before the software has updated with the right information to detect the new malware.  So have a look at this infographic and reconsider your protection software if you find that you’re under a bigger threat than you thought.  The best protection is simply not to open stuff that has been sent to you if you don’t know the person sending it.  It’s kind of a basic rule these days.  Stay safe, use protection.

Infographic Hackers vs. Adobe: How File Types Cripple Security

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