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Standing Desk Health Benefits or Trend

It’s very unhealthy to sit for long hours. Those who sit for several hours every day have a higher risk of heart diseases, diabetes, and early death. Additionally, those who sit all the time can’t burn enough calories, and many studies link this condition to obesity and weight gain. Let’s look closer into the health benefits of a standing desk. 

This makes many office workers worry since they sit down for several hours daily. Fortunately, standing desks are gaining more popularity.

What Are Standing Desks?

Standing desks are desks that allow you to remain in a comfortable standing position while working. You can adjust some modern versions to heights that allow you to stand or sit. We call these adjustable ones sit-stand desks or height-adjustable desks. Standing desks are healthier than other types of desks.

Back in 2018 Apple’s Chief Executive Tim Cook revealed in an interview with David Rubenstein. Cook said the health benefits of standing and moving were overwhelming. “We have given all of our employees 100 percent standing desks,” Cook said. “If you can stand for a while, then sit, and so on and so forth, it’s much better for your lifestyle.”

Here are some health benefits of standing desks from US Essays Writers that science supports:

1. Standing Lowers Your Risk of Weight Gain and Obesity

When the calories you burn are lesser than what you take in, you will gain weight. Standing burns more calories than sitting, thus it lowers your risk of obesity and weight gain.

2. The Use Of Standing Desk Significantly Decrease The Level Of Blood Sugar

Ten office workers participated in a study. According to the result from the study, the workers that stood for 180 minutes after lunch lowered the blood sugar level by 43% compared to workers who sat down for an equal amount of time.

Health Benefits of Standing Desk

3. Standing More May Help You Live Longer 

Studies have found a link between early death and prolonged sitting. A review of 18 studies showed that people who sit the most have an early-death risk that is 49% greater risk than the risk of those who sit the least. An estimate from another study says that reducing sitting hours to 3 hours per day would increase the average life expectancy of Americans by two years. 

4. The Risk Of Heart Disease May Also Be Mitigated With This Desk 

A study showed that bus conductors who stood for long hours had half the risk of heart diseases as the driver who sat for an equal number of hours. Without any doubt, standing is beneficial for heart health. 

5. Standing Desks Are Helpful In Reducing Back Pain 

Some employees having long-term back pains participated in some studies. After several weeks of participation, the participants experienced up to a 32% reduction in lower back pain. CDC also published the outcome of a study. The outcome reveals that the sit-stand desk reduced neck pain and upper pain by 54% within four weeks of usage. 

6. Using These Desks Improves Energy Levels And Mood 

In a 7-week study, participants who used standing desks reported less fatigue and stress than those who seated throughout workdays. Additionally, 87% of the people who used standing desks said they had more vigor and energy the entire day. 

7. Standing Desks Improves Productivity 

While ramous mention that typing might be more difficult and hinder actual working a study showed differently. 

A PubMed study with 60 young office employees showed during 4 hours working on a standing desk did not impact on characters typed per minute or typing errors. And let’s be honest and read again point number 6, happy people are more productive. 


Your physical and mental health will improve when you sit less and stand more. Like every single coin has two sides you will find also here a second opinion and there is no limitation on the various work environments recommendations like open floor plans, inflatable exercise balls, or treadmill desks. 

So if you have always spent several hours sitting down at the office, consider getting a standing desk. You’ll enjoy all the health benefits we’ve mentioned when you use a standing desk. 

Adrian Lomezzo is a freelance writer. He promoted different websites and developed the content. Later, he has been teaching students and adults to get skills in this field and sharing the material related to the marketing for 5 years. Adrian decided to become a freelance writer to provide his experience around the world.
Adrian Lomezzo

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