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Working from home has become the new norm for many in-person organizations. We may not realize it, but much is being done behind the scenes by upper management in hopes for a seamless transition. How to celebrate Boss’s Day remotely shall give you ideas and ways to make this day visible. 

Managers take on a huge set of responsibilities and, in the current circumstances, are working even harder to make sure they are there for their employees.

With Boss’s Day on October 16th, you may feel conflicted about how to celebrate while being remote. Even if we can’t all be together in person, it’s still important to show your boss that their efforts and hard work don’t go unnoticed. Down below we cover what Boss’s day is, as well as ways you can celebrate from home.

What is Boss’s Day?

Even though Boss’s Day has been a registered holiday since 1958, many people are still unfamiliar with it. We dedicate this day to honor management for putting in lots of work to support and lead their team. This year, Boss’s Day will celebrate roughly 11 million managers and supervisors in the United States.

The importance of having a dedicated and hard-working boss is often overlooked in so many ways. How much a company succeeds has a lot to do with how upper managers operate. We celebrate bosses that have worked so hard because it truly can make all the difference. A manager who avoids doing so or doesn’t pay attention to their employees can take a huge toll on an organization. This can even break the trust between management and employees, as well as cause employees to quit.

What to Ask Yourself Before Buying Something for Your Boss

If you’re considering buying a gift for your boss, there are a few questions you may want to ask yourself beforehand. Every work dynamic is different, so what’s acceptable for one may not be for another. Begin by asking if your company even allows physical presents. Some work organizations have policies in place where management cannot receive gifts.

Also, think about your boss’s personality. This can help you find the perfect gift if you’re unsure which direction to go in. If he or she is more reserved for example, they may feel uncomfortable with too much attention on them. As a result, thoughtful gestures such as company shoutouts or videos may not be the best gift option in this situation.

Another question you may want to ask is if you want to gift something individually or as a group. Keeping it individual can make the gift feel more personal, but it can also end up being a little pricey depending on what you chose. Incorporating co-workers can be fun as it gets everyone involved. This gives everyone a chance to make their boss feel special and appreciated.

Ways to Celebrate From Home and Gift Ideas for Your Boss

The options are endless when it comes to deciding how to celebrate your boss, even while working remotely! Take a look at the following ideas for some inspiration on what may be a good gift for your boss:

  • Gift cards: Gift cards may seem like the easy way out of gift-giving, but the reality is they can be incredibly practical. Since they can be sent out electronically, a gift card can make the perfect gift in a time where human interaction is limited.
  • Deliver them food: Workdays can get hectic, so it can be hard to find the time to make food. Surprise your boss with a nice lunch on their doorstep, or morning bagel and coffee to get them going.
  • Plan a virtual happy hour: In the current times, we may find ourselves missing human interaction more than before. Consider planning an office-wide virtual happy hour to celebrate your boss. Not only will this make you feel closer as a team, but it can also relieve some stress from the workday.
  • Send out an announcement: An announcement can be sent out in the form of a mass email or a social media post. While this is more of a simple idea, it can do wonders in making your boss feel appreciated. This is also a great way to remind other co-workers to send your boss a message as well.

What to Never Get Your Boss

There are some things you may want to stray away from when gifting things to your boss. Generally speaking, these things can vary based on the existing company culture of your particular workforce. However, some overall things you’ll want to avoid include:

  • Alcohol-related products: Alcohol can be seen as unprofessional in the workplace. Some work cultures may have different opinions on alcohol, but if you have any doubts it’s best to avoid doing so.
  • Hygiene or grooming-related products: These kinds of gifts may have a negative association attached to them. Your boss may think that you’re politely trying to convey something by gifting them a grooming product.
  • Religion-related products: Religion can be a touchy subject. You may even accidentally gift your boss something that contradicts their religion. It’s better to be safe than sorry and avoid anything religion-related overall.

Since Boss’s Day is a little different this year, it’s important to do what we can to show our appreciation. Now more than ever before, there is a lot of behind-the-scenes work that goes into making an organization successful. We want to make sure our boss knows we recognize this and appreciate all the hard work they do. Explore additional gift ideas for your boss in the visual below provided by the team at Wikibuy). I hope with our “How to Celebrate Boss’s Day Remotely” we could give you some ideas for your way of celebration.

How to Celebrate Boss’s Day Remotely
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