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Reaching the perfect audience with your social media campaigns is key to improving efficiency and driving better results. So, how do you figure out who and where to target?

Bang Productions explores how to find a perfect audience on social media in its recently published infographic. A quick look at the infographic will show you details of a three-phase approach for identifying the most valuable groups and then refining your efforts to meet their needs.

Finding the perfect Audience

How focusing on your target market saves you from wasting time and money. Let us have a look at some key facts:

  • by 2023 the number of social media users in the United States is forecast to increase to approximately 257 million
  • Social Media users on Facebook 2.74 billion
  • Social Media users on YouTube 2.29 billion
  • Social Media users on TikTok 1.39 billion
  • Social Media users on Instagram 1.22 billion
  • Nearly 90% of people between 18 and 29 used one form of social media
  • Facebook posts reach nearly 11% more people than current followers
  • 4.2 % of those who view a Facebook post engage with it in some way

Social media builds loyalty and influences buying decisions. “20-year resumes don’t mean anything today unless you understand the sensitivities of your environment.” – John Edmins Kozma, Bang productions

How to find your Audience

Phase 1

over a period of 60-90 days

In phase 1 we look into the environment, the surroundings, and conditions of your content. Is your content entertaining, educational, or relatable? How do we change the process to save time and money based on current conditions? Look into the anticipated tendencies of the platform choice.

in the Foundation we revisit the body or ground upon which something is built up. Try to shoot a wide net with the content within your space. Make sure you improve content based on data. The data collected for 60-90 days will determine the foundation.

And finally, we look into the sensitivities which relate to awareness of needs and emotions. Use the demographics data, aka “TOOLS IN THE TOOLBOX”. For example, “The 32-year-old female that makes $40-$60K”, entities with 90% female demographics.

Phase 2

Setting the right tone is essential and defines the general character or attitude. How you communicate with the content is key to build new audiences.

Review the Timing, focusing on a particular period of time when something happens. This gives you control over when to reach a new or current audience based on the characteristics of PHASE 1.

Phase 3

Emotions can easily be seen in a natural instinctive state of mind. Never make a knee-jerk decision based on the responses of the audience. Try to use the responses to make micro improvements within your space. If PHASE 1 & PHASE 2 are done properly it will give you consistency without worrying about the algorithm.

Platforms of Social Media landscape ( Facebook by Meta, Youtube, Instagram by Meta, TikTok) in the digital world at this moment are offering you to find a perfect audience if you: use a process + anticipated tendencies = learning functionality.

When creative is made more relatable to the pure source, It’s more successful.

Infographic Perfect Audience
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Dieter Hovorka

CTO, Co-founder, Skillz Middle East

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