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All top marketers understand the power of colors in their design. The right color combinations can improve conversions for your business dramatically.

All top marketers understand the power of colors in their designs. The right color combinations can improve conversions for your business dramatically. However, when we think about colors we also follow trends, we believe that people are attracted by seasons to a couple of color schemes and tones.

When it comes to the computer industry Microsoft made a wise job to evaluate which color is good on a monitor which would help people to stay calm and effective working on computers. Later the blue of Microsoft represented the color of the blue screen of death, this was the state when nothing would work anymore. 

When it comes to marketing and choosing your color for your website design or logo, you want to understand the basic feeling and meaning of colors. 

Understanding the connotations of your logo design colors will help you to focus your brand, increase brand recognition by up to 80%, and increase brand comprehension by up to 73%.

Let us take a look at the meaning of some colors:

White – Purity, Neutral, Simplicity, Peace

Yellow – Optimism, Warmth, Happy, Fun, Energetic, Friendship, Caution, Cowardice. Yellow is a very strong color and can be a powerful addition to your logo, but be aware that it isn’t visible against white!

Orange – Friendly, Creative, Cheerful, Confidence, Warm, Mellow, Retro, Energy

Red – Excitement, Bravery, Bold, Passion, Action, Danger, Blood, Rebellious

Pink – Feminine, Fun, Delicate, Gentle, Romantic. Pink is a polarising color so be wary of using it. Pink isn’t necessarily the best way of connecting with a female audience. Most women say blue is their favorite color, followed closely by purple.

Purple – Creative, Decadent, Stylish, Imaginative, Wise, Luxury, Royal, Romantic, Education

Blue – Trust, Strength, Royal, Medicine, Loyal, Smart, Freedom, Cold, Liberal. Blue is the most popular company logo color. 42% of people say that blue Is their favorite color and most people like at least one shade of blue. 

Green – Peaceful, Earth, Trust, Growth, Money, Natural, Luck, Renewal, Jealous, Organic

Brown – Rustic, Depth, Earthy, Stability, Warm, Confort, Utility, Simple, Rough

Grey – Balance, Neutral, Calm, Professional, Corporate, Authority, Dull, Practical, Sombre. GREY is a very popular company logo color, especially for corporate businesses, and it is proven to be much easier to read on the web. However, GREY is the least popular color and many people find it dull and sombre.

Black – Menace, Bold, Classic, Evil, Mystery, Tradition

Understanding the psychology of colors is a must for pro marketers. This infographic by Matt Wilson gives you an idea of what certain colors in your logo could mean to your customers:

Infographic Impact of Color In Logo Design

Did you know ....

Color and colour are different spellings of the same word. Color is the preferred spelling in American English, and colour is preferred in all other main varieties of English.

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