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Likability is one of the topics that is so broad that all of us would almost always have our own perspective of how likability is. Almost everything you do or not do make you likable. How should we then Increase Your Likability?

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Dieter Hovorka

CTO, Co-founder, Skillz Middle East

Did you ever notice that some people are more likable than others? Why should we bothered, well as leader or entrepreneur we might want to be seen successful which reflect in likebility. To achieve people they need to know you and trust you. This is relevant for brands, organizations or individuals.

We often hear people say Our Smile is the most attractive curve in our body. Our Smile is very contagious. Guy Kowasaki put together this and much more into an infographic which looks int the New York Times bestseller Enchantment and how to Increase Your Likability.

Likability depends on the fact that people can identify themselves with something you represent and stand for. But simple tasks make us more trustworthy than others. A simple language using simple words is as essential as or body language which starts with the right handshake.

We know the saying that the dress code makes people, show me your wardrobe and I tell you who you are. Showing off is maybe not something you want to do, yes we are living in a brand addictive society but to be honest. Does this not differentiate us from our colleagues, clients to show, I am rich and you are not? Does this make you likable? No for sure points the graphic out.

Getting close to each other is not a trivial job while accepting each other should be from nature easy to achieve. Showing acceptance increase your likability to each other.

This would make us more cosey and we want to be in the first line when someone asks for a help in many different ways.

We can consume more audiovisual more information easier than anything else which we can also utilize to attract more likability. Social Media like Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest are utilizing this fact since they exist. Successful companies which increase their likability of employees to their employee increased the presence of social media through their company. Simple using the employee photo during login into a system raises the bar to be more accepted. The swing of the mood of the employees increases by 25% according to the study.

Read more about simple tasks how to increase your likability and achieve an internal and external warm welcoming face.


How To Increase Your Likability [Infographic]

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