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It’s only natural that we like people more when we trust them, and the same is true for businesses and in respect their websites. Let’s see how we can achieve an Incredible Credible Website.

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Dieter Hovorka

CTO, Co-founder, Skillz Middle East

As a marketer, you know that even if your brand has the best products, customers still may choose not to give you their business, and a lot of that decision may come down to the credibility of your website. When I arrived in Dubai, the United Arab Emirates back in 2007, I was surprised that a lot of companies just contacted me over our Website. Today, 10 years later it is even more important what social networks say about your brand or website.

How can you make sure it, and your brand, is credible so people trust it? An infographic by Content Ranked (their website does not exist anymore) explores just that and provides some stats and tips, including the following:

• Consumers trust websites 46% more if those sites contain an image of the business owner

• 54% say a lack of thorough contact information reduces credibility, including your telephone number on your site, boosts your trust level be the factor two

• More than three-quarters (76%) of people use trust logos to determine whether a site is trustworthy

• Fully 89% of shoppers say they trust a business more after a positive experience returning something they’ve purchased. So make returns easy

If you’re an expert in something, proudly display it. Reputation is important, building a good one can help establish your brand and build your credibility with potential customers. Page factors which helo you to reach you online credibility are website navigation, better design, select carefully your affiliates or social number increase your credibility.

Ready to be credible? Check out the infographic, The Incredible Credible Website, Website Credibility Factors and let us know what you focus on. Share your experience in our commenting section below.

The Incredible Credible Website: How Credibility Boosts Your Business [Infographic]

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