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Did you ever ask yourself why it seems like three different products offer graphics editing InDesign, Illustrator and Photoshop? Photos, graphics, and layouts have different requirements, it seems like Adobe does it for everyone the best way. Time to see which one fits you the best based on your needs.

On the Blog from Jason Hoppe I found this Infographic Series about Adobe InDesign, Illustrator and Photoshop. Jason Hoppe is highlighting the main usage of this three programs which are part of the Adobe Creative Cloud subscription service.

So before we get into it, watch the small video from Adobe highlighting the Creative Cloud offering.


What does Adobe InDesign, Adobe Illustrator, and Adobe Photoshop do best, in simple words?

I get this question a lot from people. What does InDesign do, why do I need Illustrator, can’t I just do this all in Photoshop, why do I need InDesign for this, I like Photoshop for all my design needs. Well to make it simple.

We all have a smartphone and take photos on a daily basis. Sometimes we want to quickly edit these photos, crop them, change the coloring, change the brightness, or set the contrast higher. Photos are based on pixels or points. This means digital we have a lot of dots next to each other and based on the color they make our photo.

So now we know that Photoshop (for example) is for photo editing which means pixel-based image formats.

The list of questions goes on, but websites out there do it with lots of words, so Jason thought a very simple infographic would work great, just see it below and bookmark it for your later reference. Let us know in the comments if it was useful for you.

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What does Adobe Illustrator do best


Great for Logos and logotype creating and editing, vector graphics and illustrations, infographics and motion graphics. Business cards, letterhead, stationery.

Not for image editing or anything pixel-based. Large multi-page publications are better suited for InDesign than an illustrator. Audio, video, and animation are a no-go in Illustrator.

When to use InDesign - What does InDesign, Illustrator and Photoshop do best?


Great for Books, reports, brochures, flyers, and all sorts of print materials. InDesign makes large documents easier to format, interactive presentations, and PDFs simple to create and can also be your go-to for ebook and digital publishing.

Not for image editing, anything beyond the most basic drawing of shapes, never create a logo in InDesign, not for UI/UX design, and does not have good support for image filter or effects.

When to use Photoshop - What does InDesign, Illustrator and Photoshop do best?


Great for Image editing, compositing, color adjusting, and matching, adding special effects and filters to images, processing camera RAW files, creating and editing Web and motion graphics as well as software, web, mobile, and UI design.

Not for logo design, vector illustration, type or vector logos, any type of print materials that contains more than basic text. Never used for brochure or book layouts.

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