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As content and influencer marketing continue to become staples of the marketing repertoire, marketers must continually determine how to best use influencer content for brands.

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Dieter Hovorka

CTO, Co-founder, Skillz Middle East

Marketers lean toward using influencers for “snackable” and visually consumed content, like infographics, animated imagery, and short videos, an infographic by Izea explains.

But working with an influencer involves more than just asking him or her to put out useful content to promote your brand. Influencers must be credible and respected for the content to be effective to their audiences.

Of course, it’s all got to be legal as well. Nearly 25% of influencer creators have reported that a client has asked them not to disclose that they were compensated, which is a violation of FTC rules.

If you look at the marketing spend it is clear. 1 out of 3 marketers surveyed are now dedicating $ 500,000 a year for influencer marketing, this is a 25% increase compared to the previous study. 1 out of 2 marketers surveyed have stand-alone budgets for content marketing, which shows 29% investing over $ 500,000 per year. If we look at marketers’ preference it shows that they prefer “snackable” and visual content like infographics, animated imagery or short videos.

Let’s have a quick look into some perceptions. Consumer perception of influencer and content marketing were rated equally or more highly than traditional advertising in the same media. Consumers also indicated that content Creator credibility, expertise & respect – plus firsthand consumer product experience – are top message effectiveness drivers.

For more on the state of influencers in the creator economy, check out the infographic:

The State of Content and Influencer Marketing

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