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Feng Sui says don’t look back, live now and not in the future or past. However, we can learn from the past. So let’s have a look, what happened in the world of Influencer Marketing and Influencer Marketing Trends 2017?

An infographic by influencer marketing platform Collective Bias, an Inmar influencer marketing company, highlights key points from several studies the company published in 2017 and back in 2016, and looks insight marketing tactic which can be used.

The study looks specifically at the following categories: famous faces, product-loyal moms, consumer holiday shopping, platforms, sponsored content, and food trends.

Let’s take a closer look at each of those groupings in summary:

  • Famous faces: Beside commercial celebrities aren’t as influential as “regular people”, the trend of identification and leading to purchasing decisions is not anymore given, only 2.3% believe in celebrities. Influencer Marketing Trends teach us not to put our horses on celebrities.
  • Product-loyal moms: Being a mother is still for some people a challenge. While in the past this was given from one generation to the other the trend today is not anymore existing. Moms share and like to read about their counterparts and want to share their beautiful photos online.
  • Consumer holiday shopping: This is an area where people listen to each other and want to share their experiences over social media. Listen to their peers is key for gift-buying inspiration and recommendations.

I personal feel Influencer Marketing was the next big thing in the last 12 month. It continues to grow and the momentum is not over.

  • Platforms: Amazon Spark is growing in popularity, but 46% of influencers say they are still “iffy” about the platform. It was not the year of Snapchat who lost for sure. Instagram is a tip may be the future, we will see how they can take over the Snapchat audience, 2017 was just the warming up.
  • Sponsored content: Consumers don’t mind sponsored content, in fact, it drives them to purchase decisions. But they are also responding to content quality, so don’t forget the demand is high.
  • Food trends: Madam did you order to actually eat off just making a picture on Instagram and Pinterest? If I personally look into my Facebook feed I see that most of my friends post food pictures. But not only for restaurant influencers and the Pinterest platform are key. They have a big impact on grocery buyers as well meanwhile.

Take a look below at the complete details and insides of statistics of Influencer Marketing Trends of 2017. Let us know who you succeeded with influencer marketing in 2017, did it work for you? Which segment are you looking into? Share your comment and see what are people doing.

Top Influencer Marketing Trends of 2017
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