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Today social media marketing is way ahead of the competition and has left the traditional marketing strategies far behind thanks to the vibrant and powerful social media platforms like Instagram. Instagram has become a highly popular marketing platform because of its visual and mobile-exclusive nature. Let’s have a look how Instagram & Email Marketing synergy can be achieved.

Harris is a leading blog writer and content marketing professional with thousands of real Instagram followers for his postings. In his recent blog post, he has emphasized the need to buy real Instagram likes for an overall boost in promotion and business success.

Harris Scott

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Whenever we are thinking in terms of promoting startups and small businesses nothing could match the versatility of Instagram. If you are looking for a truly cost-effective marketing tool, opt for Instagram for unparalleled flexibility.

For a business which has just started its operations, it becomes critical to obtain relevant email lists as email engagement could play a pivotal role in the initial phase of brand development and marketing. Today, it is not surprising that Instagram is a really powerful platform that has the capacity to boost email engagement and drive more conversions. Let us find out the various aspects of Instagram and email marketing synergy to understand the role of Instagram in boosting engagement and bolstering the brand awareness schemes of startups and small businesses.

All about Creating Instagram & Email Marketing Synergy

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Why Instagram Is the First Choice?

If you are looking for a robust platform for your brand’s marketing campaign, you cannot think beyond Instagram as Instagram boasts of having over one billion monthly active users and 500 million of them use Instagram every day. More than 8.95 million pictures and videos are actually shared on Instagram per day. Over 40 billion pictures and videos have already been shared on this vibrant platform ever since its inception in 2010. These amazing statistics demonstrate why businesses are leveraging the power of this popular social media channel over the others. No wonder email marketers have decided to abandon other traditional channels to use Instagram as the top marketing tool for their promotional campaigns. In this context, you must know that you could buy real Instagram likes from reliable digital marketing companies online.

How to Use Instagram to the Fullest to Boost Engagement & Email Marketing

Recent studies have revealed that both in the B2C and B2B email marketing campaigns have left a mark and they are playing a critical role in their own special way. We simply cannot undermine the significant role of email campaigns in promoting brands today. Businesses are compelled to keep track of email marketing insights. Statistics reveal that over 269 billion emails actually are sent per day worldwide and there are over 3.7 billion active email users across the globe.

How to Use Instagram to the Fullest to Boost Engagement & Email Marketing

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Marketers have, therefore, understood the significance of email marketing and the massive potential of Instagram so they are chalking out strategies by combining the best of both these robust platforms. There are several emails which are outfitted with appropriate links that lead to the social media accounts of brands even though it has been proved beyond doubt that it leaves a more profound impact if a live feed is generated. Today, emails have undergone a radical transformation and they have become visually more attractive as the stunning Instagram feed has been incorporated into the email marketing templates. The content gets updated real-time and that is the most effective and amazing weapon one could have in his marketing arsenal to boost engagement. Thanks to the relevant and fresh content that is constantly being delivered by Instagram to your emails, users would automatically consider it best to connect with your amazing business.


Email marketing when integrated seamlessly with Instagram would be powerful enough to convey clearly and in a creative way, your brand message. You could go on engaging new followers and gaining more and more email sign-ups as this is the time to start reaping the benefits of Instagram and Email Marketing synergy. There is much more in store and you could expect a lot more from this integration.

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