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Did you ever ask yourself why Instagram is so popular? Well looking into some numbers of 2017, Stats, Demographics and Fun facts visualize for us the hype of Instagram. Why is it so popular with kids and teenagers, and why is it something also business should consider, read more about Instagram Stats and Facts.

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Dieter Hovorka

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The past year is over and it is about time to look into the success of some of the social networks and social platforms. How did they do and are they holding what they promised before? In the case of Instagram 2017 was a good year. We know that new features emerged, the stories got much more usability, the social commerce get more and more important and a couple of changes for influencer marketing have arrived at the platform.

The platform also got interesting for celebrities, Beyonce’s pregnancy announcement is until today the most popular Instagram post of times, with 11.1 million likes. The dark side for sure is also that over 8% of all Instagram accounts are fake identities. A study also found that 29% of all registered accounts are inactive, meaning they post only once a while just has a registered profile.

For business and marketing, the opportunity is big, 500 million daily active users share 95 million photos and make 4.2 billion likes per day. 25 million businesses recognized the power of Instagram and their audience, they are present on Instagram. They receive 200 million people visiting them on a daily base.

We all know Instagram is a photo platform and girls are addicted to photos and selfies, they make up 68% of all Instagram users, and 17% of teens say Instagram is the most important social media site. The popularity of hashtags is increasing, it shows that photos with at least one hashtag have on average 12.6% more engagement. The most popular hashtags on Instagram are #Love, #InstaGood, #ME, #cute, and #follow.

A running joke is already that people tend to take photos of their food and put them on Instagram, special females have this habit.

There is no surprise that the most posted food on Instagram is pizza followed by sushi, tells us the 2017 Instagram Stats. 

Influencers have discovered the power of Instagram and product-related Influencerr ask up to 100,000 USD for a sponsored post.

Since technology is envolving the multimedia hype did not stop with photos, Instagram supported also videos. Videos receive twice more engagement than photos. These results are better than on any other social platform. When Instagram introduced Videos, in the first 24 hours 5million videos have been uploaded.

Having seen all this Instagram Stats and facts we can see a clear message. Instagram is part of our life like no other social media platform. Business or Private, we share what we see, we share what we do, we share what we eat and with whom we spend time. It seems like there are lesser privacy concerns than in the beginning era of social media.

Check out the full infographic below and see read more about Instagram Stats, Demographics & Fun Facts. Most numbers and facts have been pulled together by Omnicore and Brandwatch. Tell us what you like on Instagram and let us know what your favorite feature is. Use the commenting section below.


Instagram Stats, Demographics & Fun Facts of 2017

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