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podcast | Skillz Middle East
An Introvert’s Guide To Office Parties [Infographic]

Being an introvert can be tricky, especially around the party season, but there are plenty of useful hints and tips on how to navigate social gatherings around Christmas time. Being an introvert can sometimes be misconstrued as being rude or aloof, when in fact the person is just shy and finds being around other people a little draining, to say the least!

Luke Doyle is SEO Outreach Coordinator at N Brown Group.
Luke Doyle

Guest Writer

Where extroverts thrive in social situations, introverts can flounder, so it’s important to practice a few pointers before you arrive at the party to make things a little easier, this way you can enjoy also office parties. Practicing conversation starters and topics of interest beforehand can help calm your mind and get your thoughts in order.

Before you head to the party, try to relax by doing something you enjoy, as introverts need time to charge their batteries before they head to an event with crowds and lots of interaction. Overly stimulating environments can drain an introvert, so having downtime beforehand is important.

Often reserved around people they don’t know, introverts find it hard to start conversations with new people. By using people you already know to introduce you to people that you don’t, it’s a great way of making new friends and starting new conversations.

One of the tell-tale traits of being introverted is hating small talk! Although it can be tedious at times, small talk is how you get to know people and is what leads to more interesting conversations. Office parties are a hotbed for small talk, and if you get stuck for things to say, rely on the pointers and conversation starters that you practiced at home.

It’s common to feel nervous or self-conscious in large groups, so to minimize nerves why not treat yourself to an outfit that makes you look and feel like a million dollars? It could be a sharp suit or a daring dress that boosts your confidence and makes you feel great! To go with the new outfit, go all out and get your hair, nails, and makeup done so you feel and look your best and are ready for anything the night might throw at you.

All that socializing can be tiring, and you may feel your energy start to lull mid-party, so it’s important to find a quiet spot, collect your thoughts and re-charge your batteries. Take five minutes to scan the room and look at where you could potentially join in the conversation.

Once you get back to work, re-connect with colleagues you spoke to during the night to build a rapport and refer back to conversations or things that happened. Why not drop them an email or speak to them next time you see them around?

By using the simple tips in the below infographic from Simply Be, hopefully, it will make Christmas, and office parties in general, a little easier for those of you who struggle in social situations.

An introvert’s guide to office parties

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