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IoT (Internet of Things) has been in the press and media for many years. Even if we are not in technology we know by now what it means or maybe you don’t know. Alos we can hear the IoT is a big thing for Smart Cities. But what does it mean? What opportunities does it offer to the citizens and the urban environment? Today’s post is about that.

IoT-empowered smart city solutions imply the connection and communication between different city objects and systems with the help of sensors. Sensors can collect data on an interval base, can collect data on a certain condition, or simply control some other electronic equipment.

While a lot of the data collected can be used for statistical measurements and are used maybe for future decisions into investments and improvements they should maybe put in motion. This means nothing more than sensor data can be used today to control something or make a decision, this is what we call a use case with benefits.

But here comes already the challenge for a lot of vendors who provide Smart City solutions. The majority of the solutions can only collect data, provide monitoring, and nothing more.

“IoT with a value refers to ‘Use Cases’ which help citizens and governments to easily consume smarter services and provide those in an easy way.“

-Peter Eder, President of TR1ton Group

Another challenge is the limitation of most of the hardware for Smart Cities:

  • Sensors passively collect data and send it to a central backend solution
  • LoRaWAN is limiting the collection of data and loses 80% of data on a certain range
  • High hardware requirements are stretching cities’ budgets and stopping them from implementing solutions

To overcome these challenges we found technology vendors which can achieve certain goals. The company TR1ton Global has developed a sensor technology that brings 3 factors into the game.

Smart sensors make decisions on the point and can already make their own decisions, TR1ton endpoints (sensors) can send over 10km of data with LoS, and 100% of the data can be transmitted and collected without any loss of data. Another benefit is due to the fact that sensors can transmit data over longer distances and also in-house over 3 congret penetrations lessor base stations (antennas) are required. The biggest benefit for Smart City operators is the cut of the budget during installation (ROI) and during operation (TCO).

Exchanging the information and performing certain actions in response to the changing conditions, such a solution transforms a city into a solid ecosystem that simplifies, automatizes, and ‘smartens’ the routine processes. Here is the infographic from SC&scand to show what improvements such solutions bring to people and the environment.

Infographic The Oppotunities of IoT empowered Smart Cities
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