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Whether you’re updating CxO’s on the latest forecast or presenting for a webinar to hundreds of people, presentation skills have become an essential part of the job for many marketers. A killer presentation can make for you the winning move, make sure you are prepared.

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Dieter Hovorka

CTO, Co-founder, Skillz Middle East

For people today, being able to deliver a presentation is more important than ever. We all admire people who are exciting the mass, polarizing them with their speech and presentation. Only to mention two of the best presenters I have experienced in my life, Steve Jobs and Richard Branson. Both of them had things in common. A good writer and personal self-presentation skills which are mandatory to develop.

But for most people when faced with the task, the prospect can be daunting. In the following infographic, we can read about 11 steps, when it comes to presenting you can inspire, engage and change the way people think.

More we can read about statistics collected, 75% of people have anxiety about public speaking, according to the infographic guide by Business Backer. 70% of presenter agreed that presentations are critical to their professional career.

33% of presenters are nervous about not reaching their audience while 75% people asked would like to improve their presentation skills.

I can only mention it again from my personal experience. Knowing the topic you present is key to success. Well prepared material and planning through your presentation can make it or break it. You can find tips in the infographic which help you in this task.

The infographic has tips on various aspects of presenting, from body language to presentation structure which we call in the modern world story-telling.

Using body language is special in the international field of presenting a conflicting topic. With the below infographic you’re save to gain ideas how to use your arms, how to incorporate metaphors, and more. Read the complete infographic how to win big with a killer presentation. Share your experience with your peers by using the commenting section below.

11 Tips on How to Plan, Prep, and Deliver a Killer Presentation

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