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podcast | Skillz Middle East
How a Machine Learns to Write [Infographic]

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is since months in the press and discussed up-and-down on technology shows and conferences. Machine learning is one aspect of it, so let’s have today a look at “how a machine learns to write” and AI in Art.

Machine Learns
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Dieter Hovorka

CTO, Co-founder, Skillz Middle East

I was reading today the Blog from Invaluable and came across an infographic which illustrates in a simple way how a machine learns.

The infographic illustrates a simple 6 steps process.

1. The user shows the computer a sample text

2. The computer identifies unique words in the text

3. The computer groups the words based on how often they appear

4. The user chooses a starting word, then asks the computer to guess the next likely word

5. This word is recorded as the second word

6. Based on the first two words, the user asks the computer to guess the third, and so on

In the blog, the questions get answered how A.I. and art do fit together.

What is AI Art? AI art is any type of art created using a machine learning algorithm.

The blog looks behind the scene how A.I. is used in Fine Art, Culinary Arts, Literature, Music or Dance. The classic question who owns the created art is also in discussion. The conclusion is that people are strongly involved to teach the machine how to learn and create art. Since all of A.I. is based on software and algorithms which are developed by a human it is still the sole owner of the creator.

Some Thoughts on AI in Art

“When you read it, you are becoming the author, because there’s no human intent behind the words. You get the project meaning onto them. The reader becomes the writer.” – Ross Goodwin, on using a car as a pen for his novel

“We’re naturally scared of anything where we take away something from people, particularly something as precious as creative ..” – Jon McCormack, artist and professor of computer science

You can read some more thoughts about AI in Art. Share with us your own view on AI in Art in our commenting section below. Don’t miss to review the infographic “How a machine Learns to Write” which is also below attached.

How a Machine Learns to Write

Infographic 1: How a Machine Learns to Write?

AI in Arts infographic

Infographic 2: AI in Art


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