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A good Digital Marketing Strategy covers 3 key pillars audience, omni- channels, and content. Content writing is a key area which requires the marketer to come up with fresh content. A lot of marketers are sourcing content writing from bloggers, freelancers or professional service provider. If you are interested in earning money with as a writer then you will find today’s infographic useful.

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Dieter Hovorka

CTO, Co-founder, Skillz Middle East

You have a passion, you love to explore new things and writing is something which is easy for you? Maybe it is for you the best thing to earn money as a writer for someone or for your own blog. Whether you’re already a writer and you are looking for clients or you are a brand manager that wants to hire freelance writers, today’s infographic, by Global English Editing, will give you some insight into how the world of freelance writing works and how you can expect to be compensated (or to compensate).

Today’s market offers a different type of writing and the graphic explores this options. There’s copywriting, which is the art of writing which brings good money. There’s blogging which could be for your own blog or as a guest blogger. Blogging allows you to include ad space or you become an industry influencer. The infographic names a couple of famous writers and their average income. As you can see you can make a profession out of it which can feed your life.

Bloggers can earn 20,000 $ a month and if they operate their own blog they can earn up to millions per year.

Did you have some good article ideas? You can pitch them to online publications such as journals, newspapers, and magazines. You get to have your article posted on some of the biggest sites in the world and earn good money. Writing for publications or becoming an editor can be an good income, magazines pay up to 500$ per article. The graphic gives ideas on where to find those types of freelance work.

A study from Forbes shows that 58% of freelancers have experienced not getting paid at least once in their careers. Make clients pay at least 50% of the project before you submit the work. Do research on each client and ensure that you have substantial contact details before the start of the contract.

For businesses looking to hire writers, the graphic includes a chart of hourly freelance writing rates (which will, of course, vary by type of content, the experience level of the writer, and location).

The graphic also includes online resources where writers and companies can find each other.

Are you ready to take the next step in your professional writing career? Let us know your thoughts about the ecosystem for a writer. Are you happy with the market offerings, is it easy to achieve your goals? Use our commenting section below to exchange yourself with your peers.

How to Make Money as a Writer [Infographic]

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