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Living in Dubai and the Middle East gives us the great opportunity to gain access to great unlimited talents which we can find in Asia. We build great Apps for the international market but miss most of the timeout when it comes to market these great App Internationally. The infographic today does assist everyone to understand how international and global marketing for apps can work.

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Dieter Hovorka

CTO, Co-founder, Skillz Middle East

The mobile app market is on the rise with: 197,000 million app downloads in 2017 and projected 352,600 million in 2021. Here’s a look at some crucial areas to consider when preparing to market your app internationally.

Progressing in time and each year passing, the Web has become more multilingual. Reading the Internet World Stats we can learn, 804 million people use the Internet in Chinese, and 337 million people use it in Spanish. But the key message here, 70% of app users are not native English speakers. And the statistics say it clear, once an app get localized revenue roses by 26% and downloads increase by 120%.

If you are one like me you most likely spent time and money building your mobile app. Well, save your investment and make sure it’s as usable as it can be in every one of your target markets. Considering aspects of the local factor will assist you to achieve success with your app in international markets and globally.

Localization is the key to success in today’s global market, but what goes into localization. How does localization assist to market your app internationally?

Instead of translating your app name from English to the local language, consider renaming your app to something that is more relevant in the local language. 

Ops … did I just say this, was it really written here in the infographic? Well, well, there is the other side of the coin, right? If you are actually building a brand with your app you should stick away from this idea. Nothing is more harmful than moving away from the concept of developing a brand.

But there are many other elements you can localize and other factors shape the success of your app in an international market. See, for example, icons, currency formats, date formats, colors or even simply the text and metadata to be picked up by local search engines.

The team at Translate By Humans created an infographic, “How to Market Your App Internationally”, that shows you sharp answers to those questions and helps you set up your app for international success.

How to Market Your App Internationally [Infographic]

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