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Marketing Automation

Orchestration is a proactive and coordinated series of personalized interactions, some automated and some human, that span the entire customer journey. With the right play and marketing automation you can get closer to your sales targets.

How B2B marketers can stay ahead of the curve? In an ebook, “Orchestration and the Next Generation of Automation”, Engagio a B2B Marketing Engagement Software vendor for ABM (Account-Based Marketing), brings 13 plays of orchestrated processes which read like a bible for successful marketers. All customer-facing teams participate in activities to drive the right business outcomes at key accounts.

Those outcomes could be:

1. new business

2. customer renewal

3. up-sell/ cross-sell

4. customer advocacy

Done right, orchestration ensures all the moving parts in an ABM play work together to synchronize outreach to a target account.

What’s an orchestrated play?

In orchestration, a play is a series of steps that orchestrate interactions across departments and channels to achieve a business purpose for one or more buying centers at target accounts. Multiple different plays can be used in the same stage of the buying cycle, depending upon how the deal progresses.

Orchestrated plays can also make use of automation to help everything run more smoothly and save time, which makes personalization and orchestration easier to scale. There are five different categories that plays can fall into:

  1. Intent and Engagement plays
  2. MQA (Marketing Qualified Account) plays
  3. Shake the Tree plays
  4. Closed Won plays

What is a Marketing Qualified Account (MQA)?

A target account (or discrete buying center) that has reached a sufficient level of engagement to indicate possible sales-readiness.

If there’s one thing we’ve come to rely on in the B2B sales and marketing world over the past 10-15 years, it’s an abundance of acronyms meant to help us define and talk about the components of digital marketing. – Jon Miller is CEO and founder of Engagio. Previously, Jon was the VP Marketing and Co-Founder of Marketo

Example of an Intent/Engagement Play: Getting MQA

If you leverage your intent and engagement data by combining it with a multi-channel orchestrated play, you can drive engagement and influence how and when people buy. This can raise your ad ROI and make your prospect more likely to interact with a nurture sequence because it’s tailored to their interests.

In the infographic, you can see the complete process in a graphical presentation.

Example of an MQA play: Direct Mail to Get a Meeting

At Engagio. we typically send direct mail packages once a prospect is MQA, but before they’ve taken a meeting. It’s a show of goodwill to the prospect, showing that we’re willing to give them value before they become a customer. If you use Sendoso or PFL, then you can integrate their services into this play so that you’re not stuffing mailers at the office.

The step by step guide can be seen in the infographic.

Example of a Shake the Tree Play: “We Miss You!” Ad Campaign

This is for when you’ve had a prospect talk to Sales, but then they’ve gone dark for some reason. Letting go if the prospects mean letting go of potential deals, but a lot of companies let them slop through the cracks because of the effort it takes to re-engage. And that’s a shame! It’s time to shake the tree!

Again, see the graphical presentation of the process in the infographic.

Example of a Closed Won Play: Customer Advocacy Program

Customer advocacy is one of the single biggest ways that companies can build their brand reputation and increase their revenue. because a happy customer is a customer who stays — poor retention is the enemy of any Saas company!

The 5 step process is illustrated in the infographic.

Example of a Closed Lost Play: Strategic Ad Audience

Sometimes deals are lost; it happens. By sending them ads for the first year after a deal falls through, you’re banking on one of two things happening: either they get the budget they didn’t have before, or they experience onboarding headaches with your competitor. Whatever happens, you want to make sure they remember you!

Take the 9 steps to succeed in this play, see the details in the infographic.

All plays can be achieved in a good approach and assisted by marketing automation even more transparent. Did you enjoy the Plays of orchestration from Engagio? Engagio offers an ebook with 13 more plays, check it out: Orchestration and the Next Generation of Automation.

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