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When brands are marketing to the masses, it’s very important that they do not overlook marketing personalization.


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Dieter Hovorka

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At MDG Advertising, they help their clients make their advertising and marketing more compelling and effective. As part of this process, they provide insights on how their customers think and feel. They then suggest the best marketing techniques to attract customers and achieve the desired outcome. These days, they’ve been talking a lot about marketing personalization.

When brands are marketing to the masses, it’s very important that they do not overlook marketing personalization. Why? Because customers aren’t a number, a demographic profile, or a line of code. Customers are people. People with families, careers, hopes, and dreams. They have individual likes and dislikes. Strengths, weaknesses, and even peculiarities. But there is one thing every customer has in common: they have a limited amount of time and attention, and marketing isn’t something they’re actively seeking.

Customers are bombarded with dozens of marketing messages every day. 

So how can a marketer make their brand stand out? Though there are many ways to make advertising and marketing more effective, technology and data make marketing personalization powerful. Particularly in the online environment.

Marketing personalization is an excellent way to treat your customer like an individual. When brands become more personally relevant, customers will be more likely to keep them top of mind. Customers are asking for marketing personalization. Here’s what they’re saying:

  • “Websites aren’t designed for my needs,” according to 74% of web users.
  • “Don’t send me impersonal marketing messages,” request 72%.
  • “Tailor your offers to my preferences,” say 58%.

Are marketers aware of the demand for marketing personalization? Yes. Are they meeting the demand? Surprisingly, no. In fact, 60% admit their organization struggles with it. What is a marketer to do?

MDG Advertising has an answer. Four, to be exact. They’re found in their infographic called “4 Steps to Unlocking the Real Power of Marketing Personalization“. This infographic is full of insights that they have gathered from helping their clients with marketing personalization. Here are a few examples of their insight:

Smart vs. dumb tactics: Everybody gets sales emails with their name in the subject line. Nothing wrong with that, but there are smarter ways to personalize emails. Messages triggered by a consumer’s actions are 3X more likely to be clicked on and 2X more likely to be opened than simply addressing a customer by their name.

Single view of the consumer: You may not know your customer personally, but you can maintain a detailed profile. Empowered by the profile, your marketing messages can be more compelling and relevant. The result? A better online shopping experience your customers will appreciate.

Data and systems: As the old adage says, you have to spend money to make money. Among marketers that don’t do marketing personalization online, 50% acknowledge that their data and technology is inadequate.

Transparency and security: Customers desire marketing personalization. That means you have to collect data. But customers are also concerned about data security. How do you resolve this conflict? Be transparent about your data collection and usage.

Marketing Personalization – The True Power Of Marketing

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