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While undeniably several forms of traditional marketing exist, includes print, radio, and television, statistics show that digital marketing is taking over and pinch-hit in terms of popularity and success worldwide. Marketing Stats Marketers should know that more than half of the marketers are spending at least estimated a quarter or 25% of their budgets on retargeting.

“I know what you did in your last Marketing campaign, do you?”

Jalena Pineda

Business Development Manager, Skillz Middle East

Let’s step across the pond today to see how our European counterparts are using performance marketing. A closer look at programmatic advertising, performance marketing and attribution in Europe.

First, the basics: performance marketing happens when the advertiser pays only if there are measurable results, such as when a click is made by a prospect or a lead form is filled out.

Programmatic investment in programmatic advertising is increasing when we look at the numbers from 2015 to 2016.

It makes sense that retargeting has long been a tool used to increase the effectiveness of performance marketing. And according to an infographic by AdRoll that is based on a report the retargeting and prospecting company produced, other efforts are seeing decent usage as well.

So what are the Stats telling us?

For example, the infographic shows that investment in programmatic advertising increased substantially from 2015 to 2016, meaning that the automation of bidding for keywords is helping marketers maximize their performance marketing efforts. More than half of the marketers are spending at least estimated a quarter of their budgets on retargeting 25% in percentage.

In fact, by 2021 it’s projected that most marketing leaders will expend 75% of their total marketing budget on digital marketing rather than traditional marketing.

To see more stats about performance marketing from AdRoll’s survey, check the infographics below which is focusing on the marketing stats in Europe.


Marketing Stats Marketers Should Know: Europe

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