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The team of Pixel Road put together this great infographic to showcase some of the mind-blowing stats surrounding the success of Pokémon Go, the biggest mobile app game in U.S. history.

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Dieter Hovorka

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Pokémon Go is an allowed to-play, area-based enlarged reality game created by Niantic for iOS and Android gadgets. Pokémon is the portmanteau of “pocket monsters,” and a madly well-known establishment with a similarly as madly long history. In Pokémon, monsters wander the land, and your activity is to discover, catch, and train them. At that point, you place them in a fight against different players. Growing up, I played the hell out of the first Pokémon recreations on the Nintendo Game Boy and completed those enterprises a couple of more ages of handheld gaming console.

Since its appearance on July 6, 2016, Pokemon GO has outperformed Candy Crush Saga to end up noticeably the world’s most well known mobile game with more than 30 million active clients.

The diversion likewise gloats the business’ most noteworthy retention rates of consistency and average income per client.

This infographic exhibits some fairly amazing measurements demonstrating that Pokemon GO is positively a distinct game-changer in the realm of mobile gaming.

Pokemon Go is an Augmented reality game which is played using your Phone’s GPS. By now many Developers had made some 3rd party mapping system that let you find Pokemon’s easily in your Area. Developers also discovered a way to Play Pokemon Go without walking or Moving!

Check back for an updated version as the numbers continue to grow. Meanwhile review in the Infographic, prepared by Pixel Road, the Pokemon Go mind-blowing statistics below.

Mind-blowing stats about Pokemon Go

What is Augmented Reality?

Augmented reality is using technology to superimpose information on the world we see. For example, images and sounds are superimposed over what the user sees and hears. Picture the “Minority Report” or “Iron Man” style of interactivity.

This is rather different from virtual reality. Virtual reality means computer-generated environments for you to interact with, and being immersed in. Augmented reality (also known as AR), adds to the reality you would ordinarily see rather than replacing it. Good samples of usage would be an interactive city guide where a visitor can hold his camera lens against a building or monument and see historical information about it. Think about a museum where typical there is no a lot of space to display information to all exhibited items. With AR you could increase the visitor’s experience by giving him information to read which he would not have. 


The future of augmented reality

This doesn’t mean that phones and tablets will be the only venue for AR.

For example t, ere’s work being done on augmented reality earbuds, which allow you to adjust the sounds that come in from your surroundings. Research continues apace on including AR functionality in contact lenses and other wearable devices that would operate by themselves.

The ultimate goal of augmented reality is to create a convenient and natural immersion, so there’s a sense that phones and tablets will get replaced, though it isn’t clear what those replacements will be. Even glasses might take on a new form, as “smart glasses” are developed for blind people.

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