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We live in times where more and more organization tend to hire remote co-workers with a home office. This brings a certain charm to life balance of people but challenges for teams and organizations to maintain communication up and understand the productivity. Today we want to look into nine ways how to motivate your remote team members.

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Dieter Hovorka

CTO, Co-founder, Skillz Middle East

In 1995 I was heading a team of 21 members scattered across the globe in Europe, America, and Asia. Assisting them in their daily duties, motivate them to work on their own and see the results of delivery were a joyful experience but also hard work. If you think about it, having a job remotely has a couple of positive sides but can be tricky to keep communication and motivation up.

Just reading an email from your team or hearing their voice over the phone might not transport the right message, what’s going on in their life. Are they bored or feeling a burnout or just miss to exchange themselves at the cup of coffee with their colleagues?

I promised you from my personal experience it is actually hard to keep up with self-motivation and receiving the transparency from to your boss on productivity.

Look in today’s infographic, created by small business funder The Business Backer, who shows nine ways to supervise a remote team motivated and in good communication.

You can see the infographic mentions also the social aspects which get neglected for remote team members. So how can we overcome them? A great idea would be a virtual team meeting where also personal live areas get exchanged and not only business-related issues.

Luckily we have today technology which entitles us to bring our remote team members virtual to the table and understand them crystal clear.

They even work with not so high-end lines and weak internet links which can happen. Motivating people come along with the same aspects of social networks. We love sharing which can turn into a beneficial motivating aspect. One suggestion is having a “home office” channel on your messaging application. This enables colleagues to share photos of their workspaces and tips how they get more productive by working remotely.

The lesson learned out of it, we can say that developing a kind of community aspect is the key driver for successful and motivating remote working. Statistics don’t lie, happy workers are 20% more productive as we read in the infographic.

Read all nine tips how to motivate your remote team and observe how you can get them happy in the Infographic below. Share your experience and let us know any tip you have for remote teams and that motivation can build your community strength.

Nine Ways to Motivate Your Remote Team

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