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Are you listening to music while you read this? If so, know that listening to certain genres can affect your productivity, this is called Music Productivity. We can also say that music is enabling our creativity.

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Dieter Hovorka

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“People listening to music in headphones completed tasks more quickly and came up with better ideas than those that didn’t,” states Superfi in the following infographic, based on a Fast Company article.

Let’s take a look at an example:

People who are doing repetitive Tasks, doing the same job over and over again; data entry, packing goods, working on the production like, anything that is repetitive in nature, research shows that there is a link between music and increased efficiency. My personal guess is that it takes destruction away and you can focus on the routine.

Modern studies argue that it’s not the background noise of the music itself, but instead, the improved mood that your favorite music creates that result in the increase in productivity. The study is already a little bit older (from 2011) but seems still to be valid. Special if your work environment is noise it can help to listen to music over headphones.

Mellow music helps when you’re thinking deeply. “When trying to get creative juices flowing, an ambient level of music appears to work best,” states Superfi.

Don’t be bothered by the lyrics, if you’re working on an immersive task or learning something new. “Lyrics can cause serious inefficiency—this is because the words activate the language center of your brain,” explains  Superfi. When participating in a learning experiment listened to music, they had much greater difficulty recalling a complex task than when they had been in silence. Try telling that to ‘revising’ school kids.

Did you ever go to the gym? Then you noticed everyone is in his closed cycle of listening to music during a workout. Keep bass and synths pure when you’re hitting the gym. Favor a mellow sound for engaging in deep thinking.

To find out more about the music productivity, see the infographic below.

How Your Music Productivity effects our Productivity

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