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Omnichannel Today, offers a seamless, integrated customer experience, no matter where or how the individual engaged with the brand.

“I know what you did in your last Marketing campaign, do you?”

Jalena Pineda

Business Development Manager, Skillz Middle East

Before explaining how Omnichannel today and multi-strategies can work together, let’s define the two. Multi-channel marketing refers to a brand’s efforts to interact with consumers across multi-channels and platforms, while omnichannel marketing takes things to the next level.

Often we hear the words “multichannel marketing” or “omnichannel marketing,” and in the past, we have tried to explore their differences.

Today, we’ll focus on the omnichannel approach, which when done well, creates a multifaceted yet seamless customer experience across the all media channels that a customer likes to use while engaging with your brand.

A truly omnichannel today and it’s advertising campaign is not just about the ability to have ads on those different channels, but also to have a well-orchestrated customer experience and effective tracking. All of which can pay off: Companies with a strong omnichannel presence have a 9.5% increase in annual revenue, on average, according to an infographic by PK4 Media.

Today’s Marketers often believe of email, social, phone, and direct mail as channels that should work together for a seamless experience. We believe your omnichannel campaign strategy should go beyond those to include OLV (online video) on desktop and mobile or tablet devices; OTT (over the top boxes) like Hulu or NBC on demand; and DOOH (digital out-of-home; AKA, digital screens), such as digital billboards.

Having said this, there is a lot what a marketer needs to consider when coming up with your omnichannel ad strategy, it’s important to partner with the right influencer and resources in place to make sure your strategy can grow and succeed.

Online consumers are using the web, visiting your website, and jumping among different devices like never before. B2C marketers must need to understand how to integrate different communication channels. Targeting the customers through the noise of competing emails, social media, blogs, and websites can be overwhelming.

So where to start? Check out the infographic below “Omnichannel Today And The Secret To Digital Advertising” consider why you might want to modify also your omnichannel strategy, see which channels you may want to consider and get some tips to start off successful.

OmniChannel Today and The Secret to Digital Advertising Success [Infographic]

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