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Today we want to get some insides to online advertising trend predictions for 2018. We have arrived and we should make ourselves ready to get things on the road. Online advertising has changed a lot over the last years. Let’s have a look at some details and predictions.

Digital advertising continues to innovate and adapt to the ever-changing way we communicate online. Our generation-X and millennials are pushing to be the number one consumers online. This type of audience is hard to crack since they are considered the always online audience. 2017 was maybe a boom year where innovation for online advertisement has changed the game plan. So we expect some things to come up in 2018 for our online business.

Adzooma created an interactive infographic that shares their own views and predictions.

The loser of the year in point of the advertisement was television. More businesses advertised online than on TV. More money was put in the online mission than to traditional channels like radio and TV.

Worldwide digital spending is set to reach $ 233.74 billion in 2017 representing 38.3% of total paid advertising.

The interactive infographic allows you to click on the wheel to see information on other digital ad topics. Let’s have a quick look at Adzooma’s top predictions:

  • Google and Android voice search continues to grow
  • Improving the audience targeting options will continue for Google as main mission
  • Pay per Click Traffic share will grow
  • Image and video-based ads will become more popular

To each of the topics, you can find some insides. Adzooma has put all the information together on a single page. Check out the infographic and see how your business can keep up 2018. Let us know your thoughts on the online advertising space. Use the commenting below to stay in dialogue with your peers.

Online Advertising Trend Predictions for 2018
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