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Not all of us want to be Hollywood star but for business, it is important to know that the first impression people have from us might come from a social network. So how can you make sure that you could stand out of the crowd and you use all the potentials of Personal Branding Online?

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Dieter Hovorka

CTO, Co-founder, Skillz Middle East

It might be important for your career or just because you offer business, your online presence is more than just your business card in the digital world. We can say that our day’s everybody is online, so how can you make yourself stand out from the crowd?

LinkedIn is one of the largest business networks with 138 million people, as we can read in the infographic by Best Marketing Degrees, this means you have some serious competition in getting noticed by potential employers.

It is a golden rule and it is not different what the infographic tells us today. A picture says more than 100 words, it all starts with a strong profile picture.

A human attention span is shorter than the one of a goldfish, but it takes only one-tenth of a second to create the first impression of someone based on a photo. A naturally smile where you show some teeth, dress professionally, and framed in an appealing way makes it half-way to the finish line.

Most of us forget about the LinkedIn profile once we created it. But it shows that an updated summary is essential since it can get outdated very quickly. Furthermore investing more into highlighting successes can boost the recognition of your profile. Yes also hear multimedia is king, spice it up with photos, links to videos or references. Self-marketing is driven by being personal, write about yourself in a personal engaging way. Tell the people who you are in addition to what you’ve achieved.

The door to success is your strong personal brand online presence which can lead to the benefits of increased networking opportunities and better control over your image when someone searches for you, the graphic points out. So check your LinkedIn profile now to make sure it is up to date, there’s no time to waste.

Share your thoughts below in a comment, how do you see the importance of Personal Branding Online?

The Art and Science of Personal Branding Online

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