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One Pomodoro, Two Pomodoros - Creativity Hacks [Infographic]

How businesses use mobile marketing to their advantage is something everyone can learn from. Read today about “Pomodoro” creativity hacks which help you to conquer the world with mobile marketing. Since we live in the age of digitalization it is important for us to get the screen off time, or screen away time.

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We live in a digital era. We work on computers, socialize on mobile devices, and even spend free time in front of the screens. It’s about time to look into techniques for creativity hacks, which can help us to get offline time. recently reported that already as of 2015, 92% of the world’s population owned a mobile device, which is a testament to how popular they’re becoming. However, sometimes we need to escape into nature, relax at sea, and use that precious free time to recharge our batteries and get away from smartphones.

But, what to do when vacation is nowhere in sight, work keeps piling up, and smartphone buzzes every few minutes?

Pomodoro Productivity Technique

A potential solution could be to find a productivity method to work your way through loads of tasks more easily. While there are quite a few techniques that promise to change your habits, we will focus on one legendary method that changes the way you organize your work.

The Pomodoro Technique, named after a tomato-shaped kitchen timer, was invented by Francesco Cirillo, an Italian entrepreneur, and developer. He used a kitchen timer and set it to 25 minutes during which he focused on one task only.

How To Use Pomodoro

Pomodoro is one of the simplest productivity hacks. You only need a timing device, a pen, and paper. Write down your daily tasks, split them into smaller assignments, and follow the Pomodoro structure:

1. Pick an assignment

2. Set the timer

3. Work for 25 minutes (the 25-minute interval is also known as one Pomodoro)

4. Take a 5-minute break (get coffee, drink water, stretch your legs)

5. Repeat these steps until you complete four Pomodoros (25-minute working session) with 5-minute breaks

6. Take a long 30-minute break

7. Repeat steps 1-4 until your workday is over

The Philosophy Behind Pomodoro Structure

Pomodoro encourages us to be realistic about our daily goals. If the work is overwhelming, split it into smaller tasks. This way, tasks will become manageable and you won’t end up feeling overwhelmed. The general idea is to set realistic goals that can be quickly completed. The sense of accomplishment and 5-minute breaks, during which it is forbidden to think about work, will help us to get to and through the next task.

There’s also a science behind Pomodoro. Some psychologists believe that the natural attention span lasts for only 20 minutes. That’s almost one Pomodoro unit. Pomodoro followers believe that after 25 minutes we need to reset and recharge to continue with work.

The Future Of Pomodoro In The Digital Age

Today, when multitasking seems unavoidable, it’s hard to stay focused on just one task. With 67% of mobile device users checking email on smartphones regularly, we need new ways of managing time and attention.

While Pomodoro may not be suited for everyone due to its rigid time limitations, it can help with prioritizing essential tasks and not dissipate attention.

It can be hard to maintain Pomodoro intervals without being interrupted, but at least you can try working without distractions. Pomodoro teaches us to refrain from multitasking and to stay focused in a digital era where multitasking is even promoted by technology.

Master your time with creativity hacks and understanding mobile marketing, which seems to suck our life back into digital devices. This reminds me on the movie TRON, in which a computer programmer is transported inside the software world of a mainframe computer where he interacts with programs in his attempt to escape.

Science fiction or reality, the machines have won to take over our lives – unless we get our life back with creativity hacks. Read the infographic below illustrating how businesses use mobile marketing to their advantage.

One Pomodoro, Two Pomodoros – Creativity Hacks [Infographic]

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