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Consumers are attracted to receive rewards from the brands they love. Loyalty rewards programs come in many flavors. Reminding our loyal clients of the loyalty rewards program is a must to execute better upselling and cross-selling of products and services.

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When retailers and e-commerce merchants look into loyalty programs to drive customer retention and boost upselling they miss sometimes out. Implementing alone your loyalty program is not enough. Loyalty programs must be promoted if you want to remain your clients engaged and have the most return on investment.

The loyalty rewards program experts at Zinrelo created an infographic which illustrates how to go beyond just implementation. It illustrates how to generate awareness about your loyalty program, and engage subscribed clients (enrolled customers) in a way that motivates more loyalty.

The graphic contributes marvelous ideas for how to develop more awareness of your loyalty program through your own website and your email program. For example, you can award points before the program launches. These way clients don’t launch the program with zero points, then you can use an email to inform them about their status points.

In general, we understand that we need to excite our clients. Too many companies offer already programs and people try to find out which one suits them the most. A loyalty program card which always sits in your wallet reminds on your favorite brand and their rewards.

But how do you accomplish a spot in your customer’s limited wallet? The spot is hot.

Well all ideas how to remind your customers of your loyalty rewards program and more are listed in the below infographic.

In the second part of the infographic, there are more ways explained on how to engage enrolled customers with event-based notifications and promotional events.

How many loyalty rewards programs memberships are you signed up for? How many you carry around in your wallet? Which one is your favorite? Share what you expect and utilize our commenting section below.

How to Promote Loyalty Rewards Program

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