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The Pros and Cons of Top 7 Social Media can help you to identify what is working on which social media network, and what are they good in.

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Dieter Hovorka

CTO, Co-founder, Skillz Middle East


Pros: Instagram is for sure simple to use and was the fastest growing network 2014. It Appeals to wide audience – Links don’t work in captions – Limited integrations

Cons: A pain in the ass, links don’t work in captions and it is not friendly to developers, it has limited integrations capabilities


Pros: LinkedIn allows networking opportunities directly with the members and prompt direct business relationship, enables sharing of knowledge and expertise

Cons: on the other side of the coin the B2B focus limits the audience. Ads can poorly be targeted which leads to a potential overload of irrelevant content


ProsFacebook is really easy to use, set up and control from a variety of devices, Facebook allows you to communicate publicly and privately, in real time

Cons: Facebook still faces privacy issues, marketing campaigns can be time-consuming, and the negative thoughts by their users it has become ad-focused


ProsGoogle+ is the only social network which has a profile with SEO benefits (ie, will help your site’s visibility in search engines. It can easy to use and integrates with Gmail and Google Docs

Cons: Google+ is very similar to facebook, but a strong rule it does not allow promotions and contests, they are strictly forbidden. Still, Google fights for market share and has  limited audience size


ProsTwitter is easy to setup and use, the 140 characters limit keeps messages to the point and it is easy to search network for content using hashtags

Cons: Quickly the volume of messages can lead to overload and for sure we can say it is not a platform for visual content


ProsYouTube allows more directly connect with your audience, it can be used to explain complex concepts and users do not need to follow you to reach your content

Cons: Quality and editing need to be top notch  and it requires greater planning than other channels


Pros: One of the biggest advantages is that images are hyperlinked to the source and Pinterest has more selective following ads appeal audience

Cons: You need to make sure your imagery is well chosen, sad but one of the limitations which could be harmful audience demographics can be limited


See them once more in and Infographic, The Pros and Cons of Top 7 Social Media networks.

The Pros and Cons of Top 7 Social Media

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