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podcast | Skillz Middle East
Smart Ideas for Recycling E-Waste to Save Gorillas

We are all surrounded by electronic gadgets, wires, and batteries each day. Consequently, more and more electronic waste is piling up, making it a primary environmental and health concern. Learn today how you can save gorillas.

Title image Save Gorillas
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Julian Smith

Guest Writer

The Congo Basin, key habitat for gorillas and chimpanzees, is rich in minerals such as coltan, gold and tin that are used in electronics like smartphones or tablets. Mining in Congo is a major factor in the decline of species like the Grauer’s gorilla, which have lost habitat in their silent battle to the industry and are also hunted when a forest is opened up for mining. If everyone would participate in cellphone recycling programs it would help to reduce the demand for mining in gorilla habitat.

“You probably use it every day and don’t think once about how to save gorillas.”  – Tina Deine

However, conscious attempts are being made to have this matter under control. Disposing of electronic waste is such a task, and the effects on the environment are precarious. Below are smart ways of E-waste recycling:

1. Purchase fewer electronics

Purchasing many unwanted electronics is the primary reason for the increase in electronic waste buildup. Often, we buy gadgets that we don’t need. Therefore, it’s vital to consider our genuine requirements and pick what’s necessary.

2. Avoid throwing old electronics in the trash

Tossing old electronics in the usual trash can be hazardous. They contain toxic substances and are harmful to the environment if put in landfills.

3. Locate a recycler

Looking for somewhere to sell your mobile phone? There are various firms certified to accomplish the task safely. Therefore, look for one near you and trade any worn electronics which you might have. They re-use and refurbish the equipment with all the required safety standards.

4. Donate your wastes

Give out any electronic devices that you don’t need. They can be useful to others, and this ensures that they stay away from landfills. In case they are not worth donating, give them for free to organizations that take them in.

5. Utilize buy-back policies

Most electronic companies are now using different buy-back programs, like Apple; so they take back used gadgets and give discounts for new ones. Therefore, enquire about this the next time you go shopping for electronics.

Take home

Most gadgets contain toxic substances, and disposing of them right is vital. Shun ramming more into the landfills since there are numerous ways of recycling obsolete electronics. Also, learning techniques of getting rid of them goes a long way in conserving the environment. Getting started to donate your e-waste would make your thoughts on how to save gorillas more real.
Infograhic Smart Ideas for Recycling E-Waste to Save Gorillas

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